Sunday, February 3, 2008

Two Coasters & a Ladybug (AKA Motifs 5,6, & 7)

I have been tatting quite a bit lately. I have three motifs to show right now. There is another one in progress, and a couple that just need finishing. First up, a small coaster by Ben Fikkert. It is called "Romance", from his book "A Tatting Adventure", and is done in DMC Cordonnet size 40.

I liked this pattern, so I made it again. This time, I used Marilee's "Tiger Eye" (the second dye lot) in size 50.

My next motif is Nancy Tracy's Ladybug. It is done in Coats thread in a size 20 in black, and Flora size 20, in colour number 221. This is the latest Be-stitched pattern.

The pattern called for beads to make the spots on the wings. I used magnetic Hematite beads, which caused the wings to close up like a real lady bug. The picture on the left (er, above, apparently) shows how the pattern should look. I had to make the chains a little larger to accommodate the slightly larger-than-called-for beads.


  1. The coaster is a really pretty design. I love all the twists!

  2. Very nice Jeff. I have Ben's book. I guess I need to get into it. The ladybug is so cute!

  3. Thanks Diane and Laura. There are a lot of really nice designs in Ben's book, but he does have a different way of writing patterns.

  4. Very nice coasters and ladybug! I like the spiral chain in the coaster design. And very resourceful to use the magnetic beads for a ladybug with folding wings. Cute!

  5. Thanks Marilee. I really lithe the spiral chains in the coasters as well. As for the beads, I didn't expect them to do that (though I should have seen it coming).