Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where Does The Time Go??

Wow. Has it really been over three weeks since I last posted? So much for "this shouldn't take long, I'll post again real soon." I guess I've been busy. Not tatting, but busy. I can honestly say I haven't done a heck of a lot of anything. Well, I have been playing around with a few new things. I was looking around on iTunes, and came across several ebooks with titles such as "Manly Crafts" and "DIY Jewelry for Men" and was intrigued enough to purchase them (they're $0.99 each, I'm not breaking the bank account here; I did read the samples too before buying). The ebooks are essentially compiled tutorials from Instructables, but they're pretty handy to have on my iPod Touch for offline use; I really need an iPad now. Anyway, I've got some materials ordered for a few new crafts. And I did make a leather cuff bracelet after a quick trip to Michaels for some snaps. Here's a quick photo:

Nothing spectacular but kinda cool. It's made from an old belt. My cutting also needs some work, but that will come with practice. There's instructions for a really cool watch band too. I'm sure one could put tatting on the bracelet if they really wanted too. I don't have much tatting to share tonight. I did finish my Windmills doily. The edging seemed to drag on forever. Here's a photo of it:

The tatting is finished, but the doily isn't "finished". I still need to hide the ends and block it. I like the edging, but it needs some tweaking before I use it on the big doily. The stitch counts need work, and where the edging jumps from one motif to the next needs some work. That will be dealt with later. I will continue the big doily to make it oval. I know I mentioned it in the comments, but the doily will (hopefully!) go on a rectangular table, so an oval doily should look better. Now that this done is done (I'll get around to finishing it soon), I need to find something else to tat. I don't really feel inspired to tat anything right now, but I'll look through my patterns and books to find something to tat while I watch a movie tonight. That is, if I can decide on a movie.

Before I go, I can't help wonder what new Blogger interface is everyone talking/complaining about? This is my interface:

 I've had it for a while now, I can't remember how long. Did most people simply not switch to it or is there an actual new interface?

That's about it for now. I also received a copy of Ginny's new tatting book for test tatting a few of her patterns. I still need to retat one of them. Hopefully, I can get something tatted so I can post again in the near future. Till next time.