Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Quantiesque Snowflake

Just a quick update; not ready to post anything else yet. I finally got around to tatting Jon's gorgeous Quantiesque snowflake. Here is my attempt:

My attempt at this pattern doesn't do it justice. This is one gorgeous flake (I think I said that already...). I can see why everyone has been tatting it for the last few days. The pattern is easy to follow, and doesn't use any difficult techniques. Highly recommended for all tatters to try. That is, if there are any left who hasn't tatted it already! For this flake, I used Valdani Pearl cotton size 12 in colour number M95: Mediterrana, and DMC Cordonnet size 30 in white. I love Valdani threads, but, I guess due to the the six cord thread and HDT I have be using lately, I wasn't used to how soft the thread is. I guess I'll have to start using it more often. I also think that the pearl cotton and DMC thread were not quite the same size as the the second section (the white part) seems a bit larger than it should be. I will make the snowflake again, using better matched threads. Perhaps in HDT.

That's about it for now. I will hopefully have my other pictures ready to post soon. I also have a few orchid photos to share; one new one (I know, I know) and one I've had for a while that recently had a opened flower. That's all for now. See ya.

Oh, I almost forgot. Jon, if you see this post, you have my permission to copy my photo of your snowflake to post on your blog.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I'll post again in a few days once I recuperate from the holidays!

NB: I meant to have this post set as a scheduled post but I forgot about it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yarnplayer's Dream Pendant

After Yarnplayer (AKA Marilee) posted her variation on her own "Dream" necklace and earring pattern, I just had to try it. And here is my attempt:

The original pattern is pretty easy to make and Marilee's variation doesn't add much complexity to the pattern. For this pendant, I used some of Marilee's "Purple Punch" HDT along with some metallic purple size 8 seed beads, size 6 silver lined crystal seed beads, and some very light purple drop beads. With all this purple, this pendant will obviously be a Christmas gift for my mom. I may be able to make a couple more for gifts before Christmas. I'll have to see. This is motif #16 of my second 25 Motif Challenge. Till next time.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Presenting.... The Mermaids!

This blog entry is rated R.

Happy, Tattingchic? Just kidding.

Well, I've threatened to show them. And many of you wanted to see them. Here they are. Bring out the ladies:

These are Martha Ess's Block Tatted Mermaids, sometimes referred to as the Naughty Mermaids. I can't imagine why. Actually, I can think of a couple of reasons. VBG! By the way, this is a very guy friendly pattern. These three, in order of appearances, went to my dad, uncle, and brother last year for Christmas. I still need to make one for me. I will show her when I do. Did I hear someone say they wanted a closer look? You command and I obey:

I'm not sure if it is obvious, but these mermaids were made into bookmarks. In case your wondering, I used the following threads: DMC Cebelia 30 in colour # 754 (peach), 797 (blue), 666 (red), & 699 (green). The hair was made with Finca pearl cotton size 8 in colour #741. The sea weed was made with Finca pearl cotton size 8 in an unknown variegated green (unknown because I can't find the label!). I should mention (again) that these were made last year and are not part of my 25 Motif Challenge. I hope you have enjoyed this post, and fully recommend this pattern to other tatters. If you wish to make them more acceptable (Gasp!) you could use small shells to cover her, um, you know.


The above pattern was created by the brilliant Martha Ess, and only tatted by yours truly. The pattern was posted on Martha's website over a year ago. This proves that I did not introduce any indecency to the art of tatting.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snowflakes, Turtles, and Snow

As with many other people, I have been busy working on Christmas gifts. I do have a few tatting related items to show. However, I would like to mention something first. Snow! I can't stand it! We didn't have any snow until recently. It started last week, and it seems that it is snowing nearly every day now. And (I'm not sure if this is just local, or if it happens everywhere), but after the first snowfall of the year, most drivers forget how to drive in the stuff. I think I got that out of my system right now. Be prepared to hear this again in January.

The first tatted motif I have to show is the third snowflake for the Snowflake Round Robin:

I should mention that this is not the snowflake I sent to my next partner. I was in a rush to get it mailed and I forgot to scan the thing. I heard that. I prepared this snowflake earlier for just such an emergency. OK, not really, I just really like this pattern. The snowflake is called "October Enchantment" by Lenore English. I used DMC Cordonnet size 30 thread to make the snowflake. This is motif # 12.

The next snowflake is one designed by Nancy Tracy:

I don't even remember seeing this snowflake of Nancy's. I'm not sure how I could have missed it. The snowflake was actually pretty quick to tat. I tatted the snowflake continously instead of cutting and tying each round. I used DMC Cordonnet thread size 30 (I think) for this snowflake. This snowflake was supposed to be used for the Snowflake RR, but at over 4 1/2 inches in diameter, it came out much too big. I'm going to use it for a Christmas gift instead. This is motif # 13.

The third (and final) snowflake is again a Ruth Perry design;

Again, this is Ruth's Celtic Snowflake 2008, this time done in some HDT. I used some of Yarnplayer's "Winter Blend" HDT in size 50. I just love this pattern, and Marilee's HDT. This snowflake is also going to be a Christmas gift. I currently have another one of these snowflakes in progress, but done in a different thread. The Winter Blend Celtic Snowflake is motif # 14 of my Second 25 Motif Challenge.

Finally, I made another one of Teri's turtles. This time, fully, cloth---er, shelled. Be warned Tattingchic, I will show the mermaids that I made from Martha's pattern. And you thought a naked turtle was bad!

This turtle was made using C-lon Micro thread. This is the thread that Teri recommends for her turtle patterns. It is quite nice to tat with, as long as you don't tat too tight. It does handle a little retro-tatting if necessary. And as a bonus, due to it's stiff nature, items made with it shouldn't need stiffening. BTW, this turtle is mine! I hope to make a few more yet before Christmas. This is motif # 15.

I think that is all for now. Besides another snowflake to make for the SRR, I may not get much tatting done. I have two afghans to crochet for Christmas gifts. That isn't as big a feat as you may think. I am using Super Bulky weight yarn and a size S (19mm) hook. Yes, you heard the size right; there is a hook available that is bigger than a Q! Till next time.