Monday, August 13, 2012

Some Tatting, and The Beginnings of The Crocheted Tie

I have to admit. I really don't feel like posting. I guess I've got some work stuff on my mind, again. Hopefully I'll get them resolved soon. I don't want to bore anyone with them; though I spent a good chunk of last night lying awake, thinking. Anyway, I have been up to some tatting. A few sales in the shop meant some chainmaille was made too. And an impromptu idea yesterday meant I spent the better part of an hour crocheting. So, let's keep moving!

A few week back, I saw the cool looking interconected rings that a number of tatters were working on. I had to try them too. I saw the video for tatting them with a single shuttle. After many, many failed attempts, I think I got it:

You wanna know how I managed it? This next photo should help:

It may be cheating a bit, but I got it! First time. I tried it twice and got it both times. I see many interesting patterns using this technique. Though I think I will put it on the back burner for a bit. I would like to try and get the shuttle version down pat. I am using one of these motifs as the centre of an idea I have, and I don't like the combination of shuttle and needle tatting. The differences are too great for me. Though I'm not good at needle tatting, so that is probably a factor. I may have to buy some more tatting needles; I only have one. I know I will get better results if I match the needle with the thread diameter.

I am currently working on another motif right now. Here's a sneak peek:

A hint could be found in Ginny's recent post. That's all I'm saying right now. I have an idea for this too.

I bought some thread online a week or so ago, as I thought it might work for tatting. I tried one of the two that I bought. Here is a sample of "Bugtail" thread:

Bugtail is a thinner version of "Rat Tail" thread if that helps. Both are a nylon Satin cord. The bright shiny thing is a quarter for size comparison. The thread is incredibly shiny and smooth and feel really nice to the touch. As you can see, it does tat fairly well. The smoothness works to it's advantage. The main issue is size. The cord is about 1 mm in diameter. You would need some pretty big shuttles or needles to use. Coincidentally, it crochets really well:

This is the result of about 45 minutes of crocheting. I had a few restarts but I got the sizing about right. The above section is about 8 inches long. I am going to finish this, I just ran out of cord. It's much easier to make than my tatted tie. I'm not sure why I'm into making ties lately. Perhaps it's a sign that I need to find a new job and move on. Whatever it is, I could write up the pattern when it's done if anyone wants it. Compared to the tatted version, it shouldn't take long. I'm not sure if it will be a "real" tie or if I'll have to fake it like I'll do with the tatted one.

That's about it for now. We'll see what happens with posting. This is a nice distraction, but I have to get stuff done in order to share it. The tatting I'm working on should busy for a few days, depending on how things go at work. Till next time.