Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Monsterpiece Doily, Round 7: Complete!

I finished round 7 of the Monsterpiece Doily last Saturday. I snapped a quick photo and began round 8. These two rounds proved quite easy to do, and they are interesting enough to keep me tatting. I won't bore you with too much text; not much to say otherwise.

Nothing really to add about this round. Finished it with no major issues.

I agree with a comment Carollyn left on my last post. The doily looks great as it is and I agree it would be a good place to stop for anyone who doesn't want to make the whole doily. I won't stop though; it's starting to get interesting. I'm sure other people probably figured it out before I did, I'm looking at you Jane E., but one could go from round 7 to round 8 by starting with one of the chains that connect to round 6 instead of the small ring and make two split rings to jump to round 8. I noticed it when I only had a couple of repeats to go before I had to join the last ring to the first. Thread stats: Manuela no. 20 colour #a044.

As you can see I've completed about half of round 8 already. Despite being almost a mirror of round 7, I think this round so far is easier to tat. Probably because there is only a slight difference in stitch count for most elements and it's pretty obvious where round 8 joins to round 7. Thread stats: same as above.

That's about it for now. With any luck, I may have this round completed by next weekend. I think at that point I may take a short tatting break. I want to knit another pair of socks.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Monsterpiece Doily, Round 7: Two Thirds Done

I didn't mean to go so long between blog posts. I guess I've just been busy and blogging was put on the back burner. I was also sick for a few weeks, and I really didn't feel like posting. I have managed to get a fair amount of tatting done though. I also worked on a few other non-tatting projects, including a knitted scarf, a crocheted hat and bow tie, and I started a knitted blanket. The blanket will probably be my alternate project for when I'm tired of tatting. I do have to do a bit of finishing on the crocheted hat and bow tie before I can show you a photo. I didn't get a photo of the scarf yet, but I'll try and get one for my next post. I really like how it turned out, but I haven't really needed it yet as it's been a pretty warm winter. There were actually a few days near the end of January when I didn't need a jacket to go out.

I've tatted a large portion of round 7 of the Monsterpiece Doily. I haven't had any issues tatting this round, so far.

I definitely need to block it soon. That will probably happen after the next round. As you can see, I've changed backgrounds for photographing. The one should work for the next couple of rounds. Not really much else to say about the doily. Thread stats: Manuela no. 20 colour #a044.

That's about it for now. I didn't plan on posting on Valentine's Day, as I'm not a fan. It just happened to work out that way. Till next time.