Sunday, December 22, 2013

Jan Stawasz Doily, Almost Finished

The tatting of the doily is finished. I just haven't blocked it or dealt with the ends yet. I actually finished tatting the doily a few weeks ago; it was actually pretty quick to tat once I got the stitch counts memorized. I haven't gotten around to posting it till now because I have been busy with work. You gotta love working retail at Christmas. Today was my last day before I go on four days off for Christmas. Let me tell you, I couldn't wait to leave work today! Granted it was freaking cold when I left the building; temperature didn't move much between -28 and -31 C today. It's supposed to get to -35 C tonight then warm up for several days. Which is nice as long as it doesn't snow. Anyway, I really need to make this post short, I still need to pack and do a million other things tonight so I can go to my parents house tomorrow.

Like I said above, the Jan Stawasz doily I tatted, Doily V, was fairly quick to tat. Lots of split rings for much of it. The outer scallops add interest to the pattern, though that's where I found some errors in the stitch counts. Anyway, here's the unblocked doily:

I'll post another picture once it's blocked. I had a few things to talk about as I was tatting the doily but I don't remember them right now. As a reminder, I used Lizbeth 20, #601 White thread. As I said, if anyone else wants to tat this doily, just be aware that there are a few errors in the stitch counts. It's not difficult to figure out the correct stitch counts. I am looking forward to tatting another one of Jan's designs.

That's about it for now. I do hope to get a fair bit of tatting done while I'm away. I'll share what I tat when I get back. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Till next time.