Monday, September 23, 2013

Windmills & New Book

Well, I haven't gotten as much tatting done as I'd like since my last post. I did do a little crochet; it's not much kind of a granny square type motif in thread. I have to say Lizbeth is awesome to crochet with! I can't show it yet. I just literally blocked it while I'm writing this. I'll show it next time. Besides the crochet and tatting, I haven't done much else. Sales in the shop have come to a complete standstill, but whatever I guess. I have decided to discontinue the Sterling silver jewelery line as it doesn't sell. I currently have them on sale for 40% off. I'll keep them marked down until they sell. Anyway, onward to the tatting!

Since I still haven't been able to decide what new pattern I'd like to try, I decided to go back to a favourite standby-Mary Konior's Windmills!

I am, of course, working on the large doily I started a while ago. You can see the doily as it is right now here. I've decided I'm gonna continue the doily as I planned, ie: make it oval shaped. I mean, if Wendy of Umintsuru can create a version with multiple colours, I can make an oval one. Wendy's version is here and is pretty awesome, by the way. I will be honest, I don't know if the doily will end up oval in the end. It's less daunting to me to tell myself that I only need to make 7 motifs to make the doily oval. Once I'm there, I'm sure I'll decide to expand the other four sides. I'll keep you guys updated.

Finally, I got a new tatting book. I'm sure many of you also recently got the book too. I am talking about Martha Ess' new book:

I received the book last week, and I must say I have several patterns picked out to tat. I particularly love the large dragon; it's the first pattern in the book. I have always wanted to tat Pam Palmer's dragon pattern but it went out of print before I could buy it and I haven't come across the pattern whenever I go looking for it. I think Martha's version very good replacement. I've never framed any tatting before, but I would love to have a framed tatted dragon hanging on my wall. Anyway, once I'm sick of tatting Windmill motifs, I'll be tatting something from this book.

That's about it for now. I'm still drinking tea and have discovered more local options than I initially thought. I found a couple of brands that offer tea in pyramid shaped tea bags that are either whole leaf tea or contain larger leaf pieces. I'm glad I have new options, and it gives me a chance to try different types of tea. So far, I enjoy black and white teas but I'm not a fan of most green teas, though I do enjoy jasmine green tea. Hopefully I'll update a bit more often now that I'm back on my regular work schedule again. Till next time.