Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Motif #14

Here is my motif #14:

OK, just kidding. Actually it was supposed to be Linda S Davies' Bird of Paradise flower, but I forgot to take a picture. It was a gift for my Grandmother, and I almost forgot to give it to her. Not sure how that happened, or almost happened. So, I will make it again (it actually was pretty simple after I reworked one of the petal types to be tatted continuous) and show a picture of it (and count it as one of my motifs).

Here is my real motif #14:

This is Linda S Davies' Arum Lily. I am pretty sure that an Arum lily is also called a Calla Lily. Either way, it is a really nice pattern. And it can be done continuously with a couple simple changes to the pattern. I used DMC Cordonnet in size 20 for the white and DMC Pearl 5 in colour number 988 for the leaf.

I also thought I would share the following flower picture:

The plant in question is called Anubias barteri var. nana. It is commonly grown in aquariums, hence the Neon Tetra in the foreground. This is the first time this type of plant has flowered for me. And this is the second time I have had an aquatic plant flower for me. The other one has flowered about five times now, but I can't let it 'cause the plant will die back if pollination is successful. The flower is less than one inch in length (the neon is a little over an inch in length).

And lastly, I finally received my copy of Mary Konior's book "Tatting with Visual Patterns". I say finally as I ordered the book at the end of January. I don't have my mail lost very often, but this book just had to be the one package that managed to get lost. Fortunately, Snowgoose, was kind enough to replace the book. This is one book that I have been wanting for years. And I am not disappointed. This book seems to have a little bit of everything in it; it even has a couple 3D flowers! I have several patterns already picked out, but I have a couple almost done pieces to complete. I also want to continue working on my Tatting and Teneriffe Lace Hexagon design I posted a preview of in an earlier post. I also cannot forget Laura's snowflake that she posted last week.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Motif #13 - A Touch of The Irish

OK, I know, I'm a day late for St. Patrick's Day. I was going to post this yesterday, but I got hit with a severe migraine, and posting (well, practically anything) is difficult to do in the dark. Anyway, here is my motif # 13 (this and the heart from the previous post):

This is Ruth Perry's Celtic 4 Leaf Clover from the Tatting Calender. I used DMC Cebelia size 30 in colour number 699. Being 1/4 Irish, I felt obligated to make at least one clover/shamrock in honour of the day.

I was hoping to have another flower completed, but I'm not quite finished. I still have one petal to tat. Then I have to attach wires to all the parts. Then I have to assemble the flower. I hope I get it done for this weekend. I'll post a picture when it is done.

Finally, I have to show you my new orchid:
This orchid is a Doritaenopsis, which is a hybrid between a Doritis and a Phalaenopsis orchid. It is called Doritaenopsis (Minho Pink x Taisuco Firebird) 'DeLeon'. This is my first Intergeneric (between different related genera) Phalaenopsis hybrid, so I am looking forward to seeing if it is easier/harder to grow than my other Phalaenopsis orchids.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Introducing.... Laura's Victorian Heart

Laura Blanton designed and posted the instructions for the following heart:

This is a really pretty heart that I'm sure we will see many versions of over the next few days. I used Flora size 20 in colour number 221. Good job Laura!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Hat and a Bookmark, plus a preview

Well, I finished the tatted hat for my miniature crochet thread bear. Here it is:

And here is the hat on the bear:

The hat (called Tatted Red Hat) was designed by Gina Butler and is available from her website. I used white Coats crochet cotton in size 10. This is supposed to be red, but that colour would be so wrong with this bear. While it is a really nice pattern, for my purpose, the brim of the hat is too wide. I need to try to fix it. I had originally used size 20 thread, but it turned out too small to fit. I am going to call this motif #11.

For motif #12, I have made a bookmark:

This is actually an edging or insertion pattern called Interlocking Clovers from Mary Konior's book "Tatting Patterns". I haven't heard much about this book, though I don't know why. It is a very nice book full of an assortment of patterns. I bought my copy about a year ago, at a book sale/fundraiser for the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. I don't think I should tell you what I paid for the book. Let's just say, I'm not complaining. For the bookmark, I used some of LadyShuttleMaker's (Sherry Pence) HDT called "Shades of Gray". This would make a good gift for a guy if the excess picots from the rings and chains are eliminated.

Finally, here is a preview of what I have been working on in between the other projects I have been working on.