Monday, December 15, 2008

Presenting.... The Mermaids!

This blog entry is rated R.

Happy, Tattingchic? Just kidding.

Well, I've threatened to show them. And many of you wanted to see them. Here they are. Bring out the ladies:

These are Martha Ess's Block Tatted Mermaids, sometimes referred to as the Naughty Mermaids. I can't imagine why. Actually, I can think of a couple of reasons. VBG! By the way, this is a very guy friendly pattern. These three, in order of appearances, went to my dad, uncle, and brother last year for Christmas. I still need to make one for me. I will show her when I do. Did I hear someone say they wanted a closer look? You command and I obey:

I'm not sure if it is obvious, but these mermaids were made into bookmarks. In case your wondering, I used the following threads: DMC Cebelia 30 in colour # 754 (peach), 797 (blue), 666 (red), & 699 (green). The hair was made with Finca pearl cotton size 8 in colour #741. The sea weed was made with Finca pearl cotton size 8 in an unknown variegated green (unknown because I can't find the label!). I should mention (again) that these were made last year and are not part of my 25 Motif Challenge. I hope you have enjoyed this post, and fully recommend this pattern to other tatters. If you wish to make them more acceptable (Gasp!) you could use small shells to cover her, um, you know.


The above pattern was created by the brilliant Martha Ess, and only tatted by yours truly. The pattern was posted on Martha's website over a year ago. This proves that I did not introduce any indecency to the art of tatting.


  1. Shell bras! That's what they need little shell bras, you're absolutely right, LOL! Very clever how you made them into bookmarks with the way they are clinging to the seaweed. Perhaps they are trying to clothe themselves with it, LOL!

  2. So cute! Mm, bookmark for the guys, great idea for the integration of the seaweed, make me want to tat it too.

  3. Very cute! The way you posed the mermaids, they look like they're in the water!

  4. LOL! Humor is always good! I thought they looked like bookmarks - how did you work the rest of the seaweed tail?

  5. Hahaha! What a bunch of hussies! I love 'em. Making them into bookmarks is a great idea. I have a couple guy friends who would love them. Hmmm...

    *checks thread stash*

  6. X-rated tatting? Didn't you just show naked turtles? This looks like a trend...I think you need some black censor bars for Christmas. Maybe someone can tat them for you.

  7. Thanks everyone. Glad you like them.

    Chiclet, shell bras would be a good idea, especially if you wanted to tat them for someone younger. I didn't have any small shells here, and they were going to adults. All three really liked the bookmarks.

    Well, Gina, the seaweed part was made as you would normally make a spiral chain, joining to the body as necessary. The first chain had a small picot on the very end. The ends were then left on. The second chain was joined to the first chain at the final picot. It's ends were left as well. I then looped a tassel around the final join. It was crude, but it worked. I can think of other ways it could be done. Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

    I promise Victats that this is the last post of X-rated tatting. I'll censor other questionable motifs form now on!

  8. LOL, you're all so funny.
    The mermaids look good and I am sure they made good gifts.

  9. Your mermaids are fab, love the way you made them into bookmarks.

  10. Wally Sosa tatted a cute little bra for her mermaid. She showed me a picture, but I don't know if she posted it anywhere.

    Thanks for showing your nekkid bookmarks. The seaweed works quite well.