Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not tatting, but....

I have to show you all what I have been working on.

This is a crochet miniature thread bear. The bear is about 2.5 inches tall when sitting. The pattern for the bear is located here, for anyone interested. I plan on making these bears as gifts this year, so I made this particular bear to test the pattern (you know, to make sure I could make it). I used DMC Traditions thread in size 10, colour number 5109 for most of the bear, along with a little Coats Opera size 30 in white. Crochet was one of the first art/craft that I learned. I think I was about 8 when my mom showed me how to crochet. Anyway, I plan on tatting accessories for the bears (hats, maybe vests, etc) to dress them up. I am currently tatting a hat for this bear to check sizing needs. I'll post about the hat when(/if) I get it done.


  1. The bear is cute.

    I think this is similar to amigurumi (or maybe the same thing under a different name). If you make a search for 'amigurumi' you'll lots more of these.

  2. Thanks Jon.

    I think amigurumi is different. Most examples that I have seen tend to resemble Japanese Anime characters (ie: large heads, small arms/legs).

    Miniature thread bears are simply miniature version of teddy bears; the one I made is fully jointed (the legs, arms, and head are all poseable).

  3. This is another pattern I've been meaning to do! Your bear is adorable! A few years ago, thread bears were selling very well on eBay. There were several designers who made fabulous accessories. I hope you post pictures of all your bears and their accessories. I love seeing imagination transformed in to reality!

  4. Thank you Jeff for highlighting the difference, I learned something today.

  5. Thanks Diane. This is my first thread bear, though it won't be the last! The lady who designed this one has several more patterns for sale on her website.

    Jon, I'll have to make some amigurumi animals. I have links to several saved. I also learned some things about amigurumi; I Googled the term after posting last night.