Sunday, January 27, 2008

And the TIAS Project is.....A Hippo!

Well, here is my completed TIAS project.

I only made one major mistake. The bead I chose for the eye was a bit too big so the ring around the bead looks kinda funny. I did forget one picot but I noticed it too late and just joined between the stitches. I bet you can't even tell. Jane said she couldn't....

I also thought I'd show a picture of a doily I made in December using some of Marilee's thread.

I posted the photo on Flickr and shared it on the HBT group, but since I'm not sure how many blog reader and 25 Motif Challenge participants are members, I thought I'd share it here. I used some of Marilee's "Winter Blend" thread in size 30. The doily is the Amusement Doily by the Celtess. The doily was a gift for my grandmother.


  1. From the picture, I think the hippo's eye is just the right size! I love the doily! Have I mentioned that blue is my favorite color and that I love hand-dyed thread? Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Now that's a REALLY pretty doily. LOVE the colours.

  3. Thanks Diane and Jane! I really like the colour too. I really like blue as well. You'll probably see A LOT of blue here.

  4. Ooooh! Very nicely tatted! Lovely choice for thread!

  5. Thanks Sherry,

    I think the doily would look good in some of your thread as well.

  6. You know, that eye is just perfect for a rhinocerous though and I suspect one of those will make its way to Jane's pattern pages one of these days so remember how you did it! You know how their eyes are kind of sunk in and they seem to be in the middle of a sinkhole?

    I've been wanting to make that amusement doily for ages. It lends itself well to variegated threads. Love this one.
    :-) gina

  7. The hippo's eye looks fine to me.
    The doily is superb!

  8. Thanks Gina and Marilee.

    I made this doily in a solid blue colour as well, but it doesn't look as good as this one. I think the variegated thread makes all the difference.