Monday, October 18, 2010

New Design in The Works

Let me say one thing before I begin. I better not get sick again till, well, for awhile anyway. I was feeling better last Sunday. However I work up early (and I mean early) Monday morning with one heck of a sore back. I guess I must have done something to it while at work the previous week. So I haven't done much until a few days ago. My back is feeling better, its a little stiff right now. Anyway, I started work on a new tatted design.

But first, I wanted to provide a little information about the conductive thread I used last week. The thread is in fact thread. Specifically, it is silver plated nylon thread (apparently; I don't know how you plate nylon). It is about the same weight as sewing thread, maybe about a size 100. I used two threads together to tat the sample in the video. I also used four strands as a test, but I haven't compared it to see what size it is yet. Being a thread, it tatted quite well, not stiff like wire. More info can be found here. This project will probably be put on the back burner for a while;  I've got Hallowe'en and then Christmas tatting to start thinking about. This brings me to my newest design.

With Hallowe'en just around the corner, I figured I'd better get my next design finished. Without any further ado, here is (tentatively) Ripley the Ghost:

I say tentatively since I may change his name in the final draft. He began as a variant of my Sine Wave bookmark. However, I didn't like how the Sine Wave pattern worked with Ripley-so I really can't call him Sine Wave Ghost. I'm almost happy with how the design has turned out. I'm not happy with his ectoplasmic trail (not sure what else to call it; its the bottom thingy). I'll be refining the pattern over the next day or two. Then I have to write out the pattern. A few people volunteered to test tat my pattern on inTatters, so I should take them up on the offer, if they still want to. With any luck I'll have the pattern available for download early next week.

That's it for now. I plan on going to my parents house this weekend. So I probably won't post until I get back. Till next time.


  1. I like where you're going with the ghost. I think the ectoplasmic trail is a good shape overall; it's just that there's a sharp corner where it meets his body on the right side. I think that could be mitigated by tatting a few stitches with the other shuttle so that there's a slight curve in the opposite direction from the rest of the tail. Am I making sense?

    To make him super-spooky, you could tat him in the conductive thread with red LED's in his eyes!

  2. Oh, he's coming along fantastically. Can't wait to see the final version. I think his trail is fine.

  3. i like your ghost, and i definitely see the sine wave part. good job.

  4. Ripley's looking good to me. Look forward to trying out the pattern.

  5. Hey that's pretty neat!

    Like the name too... RIP for short ;-)

  6. Jeff, I'd also be willing to test tat him if you want to send the instructions to marty1066ATyahooDOTcom