Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Week Gone, Plus a Pretty Flower Photo

I think the title pretty much sums it up. I haven't really accomplished much over the past week. I did get my ghost pattern written up and diagrammed. It is in the hands of my test tatters (hopefully, there seems to be a few people who don't get my emails). I should have the pattern posted in a few days if there are no major errors, and the pattern is understandable. I mean, I don't consider the pattern a "beginner" pattern by no means, but if I am the only one who can tat it successfully, something may be wrong with my pattern writing/diagramming skills. I also finished the vest I started several months ago. Well, technically it is finished. I'm not 100% happy with the final result. It seems a bit "boxy". I might have made it a size too big, but I'll have to see if I can round off the arm holes, or sleeves, or something. I'll show a photo once complete.

Besides that, I haven't done much else. I kinda got into a bad mood Tuesday. It was like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and then stayed that way for several days. Friday seemed a bit better. After work I went to our new Optical Centre (we got it when we did the major renovations earlier in the year- and no I don't work a Wal*Mart if anyone is wondering) to pick up and learn how to put in my new contact lenses. I've never had contacts before and have wanted to try them for a while. I finally got around to it recently, and got a trial pair to give them a go. I did have some trouble getting them in Friday, but did manage it Saturday after work, and (so far) every day since. It takes me a while to get them in, but I do like them so far. Obviously I am still getting used to them. Any other tatters out there with contacts? How do you like them?

Finally, I'm going to show you a photo of a recent plant acquisition. It is a Gardenia:

From what I've read, I may regret buying this plant, but it was only $10 (it's in a four inch pot). It came with one bud on it, and surprisingly it didn't drop the bud after I brought it home. Hopefully I can keep it alive, at least until spring so I can put it outside. If it doesn't die, I'll perhaps provide an update on it.

That's it for now. I wasn't able to go away as I had planned. So I plan on going away this coming weekend. I will be posting the pattern for Ripley sometime this week, so watch for that. I think I'm going to try to get some tatting done, and try not to look out the windows-it's snowing. Till next time.


  1. pretty flower, I think gardenias are pretty, but I don't like their scent, is this in door variety very "smelly"?

    have fun with your contacts, and it is forecast to snow with up to 50mph winds here in SE North Dakota the next 2 days.

  2. Yes, it is fragrant, but I don't mind it.

    We're supposed to get snow for the next couple days too. Then it's supposed to warm up again.

  3. i have used contacts in the past... i did not continue with them because i had them dry out on me at work and fall out. I had one break in my eye... not good experiences... but if you do well with contacts then more power to you :)

  4. I just love the smell of Gardenias they remind me of Bubble Gum, we had one but it was taken out as it didn't grow much. But we did have flowers every year.

  5. One of my favourtie flowers the perfume is gorgeous , thank for sharing

  6. Love seeing flowers any time in the year!

    I've worn contacts since I was 14 but they are hard gas permeable lenses. One isn't fitting right so I've just been wearing my glasses all the time until I make time to go to the eye dr. If they fit right, they're a dream! Your peripheal vision is better, no fogging up when you come in out of cold weather, and nothing falls off your face accidently. :-)

  7. Just like Gina, I have worn hard contacts since I was 14. I'll second all the advantages she listed, and also appreciate them as an aesthetic improvement. For me all the misery of the first two weeks when my eyes wouldn't even open all the way with the contacts in, all the washing and soaking and cleaning they require, and the scares of dropping them on the floor have been worth it. Never looked back!

  8. I wore contacts for many years, starting at age 10. They were great, as Gina says, for peripheral vision and not fogging up, also they didn't get crushed against my face whenever I hugged someone. Unfortunately, I had to give them up when I moved to NM. The key to comfort with contacts is keeping them well moisturized, and I just wasn't able to do that living in the desert. I may go back to them if I ever move somewhere else.

    The gardenia is gorgeous! Thank you for showing it.

  9. Gardenias are my very favorite plants! I killed several of them, unfortunatly, before I got one that finally "took". I live in South Texas and it turned out if I left it alone - didn't over fertalize or over water - it would do ok. Go figure!

    Good luck with yours!