Monday, March 28, 2016

The Monsterpiece Doily: Round 9, Complete!

I finished tatting round 9 of the Monsterpiece Doily Saturday, but I guess I got sidetracked yesterday and forgot to blog about it. I was understandably a little nervous as I neared the end of the round. I kinda feared it would not work out again. However, I finished it with no problems.

It looks like nothing happened. It's a little wavy but I think that's less of a problem than cupping and I'm sure it'll flatten out more rounds are added. Thread stats: Manuela no. 20 colour #a055.

I have started tatting round 10. This round begins the scallops, so it's not a full round. Just 10 small half circle shapes. They're each pretty quick to tat, but because each is tatted separate from the others, I have to hide ends on each one as I go. I currently have three done. Hopefully I can get the remaining seven finished by next weekend. That's it for now. Till next time.


  1. Quite a masterful repair! I have to admit that I would stop with this round and feel that I accomplished something. I wouldn't have the patience to continue with the other rounds!

  2. Looking great. Be careful to count the spaces between the scallops carefully. Don't want any more disasters!

  3. It's beautiful, Jeff! I tatted rounds 10 and 11 for each scallop, because it was easier to keep track of the spaces between motifs. I also used thread to mark the starting position of each scallop... the second time around!

  4. Looking lovely, well done, hope the next row works out ok

  5. I used split rings and tatted both round ten and eleven after marking the start and finish of each scallop. I have started round twelve so you'll be catching up quickly.