Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm Back!

I think I say that all the time. I really mean it this time. I plan on posting at least every couple of days for a while. I doubt I can do it daily. This is an, experiment. I want to see if it will help with my anxiety issues. It appears that I am suffering from an anxiety disorder not depression as I initially thought. Lots of tatting, and/or other crafts, arts, whatever you want to call it, and lots (in theory) of writing/blogging about it will part of my recovery. This will also include finally getting some of my own designs written out and made available to other tatters by some means-for sale or free, not sure really.

I have been doing some tatting in my absence. It is the doily I mention in my last post. The pattern I am working on is one of Judith Connors, from her book Contemporary Tatting New Designs from an Old Art. 

This is the centre of the doily Corona. I used Manuela no. 20 in colour number A058. It's a nice baby blue colour. I'm probably going to keep this doily for myself, but that might change depending on how it turns out. As you can see, it's fairly flat after a bit of blocking.

Since I have been working on the doily for the past few months, I can show more progress tonight.

You remember how I said the centre was mostly flat after blocking? Yeah, that changed after I tatted the next four rounds. I am wondering if I should have changed the stitch count a bit. I guess time will tell. I am currently tatting round 6, which joins all the triangle motifs together. So far this is round staying flat. I think I'm going to block the doily again when I am done tatting this round. I hope to have the round finished in a few days. I'll post an update in a few days.

I haven't decided what my next tatting project will be, but I think it may be Jan Stawasz's Masterpiece (Monster) doily. I purchased the magazine that contains the pattern back in June.  I will probably have to rewrite the pattern as I tat it much like Jane E. and I assume others.

Till next time.


  1. VERY good to see you back, Jeff. Now you 'stay back' please. That's an order!!!!!

  2. I love the Corona pattern - but aren't those triangular motifs fiddly when it comes to the last join? I remember struggling with them.I think spending time on Crafts is very helpful indeed - it's good to keep your hands busy if your mind is preoccupied.

  3. Glad you are tatting and a great design too. Glad you are feeling better and tatting helps :)

  4. I'll try Jane. Feel free to poke me in the ribs if I get quiet again for am unusually long time.

    Thanks Maureen and Madtatter80. Yeah that final join on the triagular motifs are a bit fiddly. Spending time on tatting and other crafts definitely helps.

  5. Welcome back! So good to see you blogging again. Love that triangle motif and am quite keen to see how to doily turns out.

    Yippee! I'll be back to see your later posts. Always love your blog posts.

  6. Thanks IsDihara. I appreciate the comment. Glad to hear people enjoy reading what I write as I do enjoy writing.

  7. It's great to see a post from you, Jeff! Please do take on the JS doily. It really is a great piece to tat, just a bit time consuming!

  8. Welcome back Jeff lovely to hear from you, I am sure as you tat more of this doily it will lay flat without changing the stitch count.
    I have heard so much about the monster piece (not tried it yet) I m sure it would help you with your illness.
    I am away for the next couple of weeks look forward to catching up with you when I get back.

  9. Thanks Diane. I really am considering tatting Jan's doily. It doesn't look that difficult. It's grand size make it intimidating looking.

    Thanks Margaret. It is staying pretty flat right now. I am almost done tatting round 6. I am hesitant on changing stitch counts. I enjoy reading your comments.

  10. Can well appreciate the effort it is to settle to do anything when you have anxiety issues, but absorbing yourself in doing craft work can help. So stick at it Jeff and keep blogging!!!! Or I will get my big sister on to you!

  11. Please Sally, don't send Jane after me!! I do intend on blogging more regularly. Both tatting/crafting in general plus blogging does seem to help.