Sunday, September 6, 2015

Corona Round 6

Here I am again! I've been faithfully working on the Corona Doily since my last post. Of course I had two days off from work during that time too, which probably helped. And since it's Labour Day here in Canada tomorrow, I have tomorrow off too which I plan on spending a fair amount of time tatting. I should be able to speed through the next round. Actually the next several rounds should be fairly easy to complete. I'm going to try and post at minimum every three days, give or take. This means you may see rounds/motifs in progress, and not just items finished weeks/months ago. But since many other tatters post tatting in progress, I can too. I'll try and mix in other stuff too.

So, here's the doily as of last night:

Surprisingly after I finished tatting this round, the doily is mostly flat. The centre rounds are little wavy, but it's not too bad. I wonder if my tension on the solid chain rounds are a little tight and that's why it turned out wavy. I am glad I didn't change the stitch count. I decided not to block it after round 7. As you can probably see, I chose to end the round with a split chain, so I could climb to the next round. As a reminder, the thread is Manuela no. 20 in colour number A058. I started round 8 before going to bed last night.

That's it for now. See you in a couple days. Let me know what you think. I am trying to respond to comments as well. Oh, and if I seem to disappear again for an unusually long time-more than a couple weeks, feel free to let me know. I really plan on posting regularly.


  1. You've done a lot since the last post and it's looking good.

  2. Looking lovely so far, I don't think it's tatted too tight I think it's fine and as you get more tatted it will lay flat.
    Lovely colour

  3. It looks like you made good progress! I sometimes skip a few days of blogging, especially when I feel I haven't accomplished much. However, I do find that when I blog, I'm inspired to keep tatting so that I have something to post!

  4. I like to see work-in-progress, not just the final results. Your corona is looking splendid. I wondered how all those separate bits would be joined together.

  5. Some one was just asking what to do with triangles, and I think this answers the question. Wonderful color choice too!

  6. Thanks Karen. Glad you like it.

    Thanks Margaret. You might be right. Something isn't right for it to be wavy thought. Not sure exactly what though.

    Thanks Diane. I've doing this for a few days now, and I am finding that I want to keep tatting so I can have something to blog.

    Thanks Jane. Glad to hear you enjoy the work in progress posts. I'm sure others enjoy them as well.

    Thanks Madtatter80. It is an interesting use of triangle motifs. I like the colour too.

    Thanks God's Kid. Glad you like it.