Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Very Regal Snowflake

Finally, I will post the snowflake I mentioned in the last post. I just can't get back into tatting and blogging lately. I am feeling better, except that I may have a bit of a cold now. That's according to the doctor I saw earlier this week. I won't go into details (I grossed out a few coworkers already) but I'm learning how gross the human body can be with this "cold". Anyway, I finally have a photo of the snowflake I tatted a few weeks ago. I can't find the other motif I tatted, though I didn't like the colour-it came free with one of the Lizbeth thread holders I bought (love them!!!!). I do plan on retatting the motif and maybe making a bookmark using it.

I know that Isdihara shared her rendition of Frivole's Regal snowflake, so here is mine:

This is a very pretty snowflake. I didn't really follow the pattern per se. Frivole recommend against using split rings to climb from the first round to the second, but I though it would work. I started with a chain and ended with a split ring. I had to unwind each shuttle (easy, since I only use bobbin shuttles) and threaded each thread though the bead. I continued with a chain and ended again with a split ring. I started the third round again with a chain and ended with a split ring. The middle picot on the final split ring is the hanging loop. Maybe not the best place for it, but it works for me. And no ends to hide! Thread stats: I used Lizbeth size 20 in white and used some Czech made fire polished crystal beads. I didn't add any other beads, but I might the next time I make it. 

That's about it for now. I haven't done much of anything lately, but I hope to fix that soon. I have to work for International Tatting Day this year, so I probably won't get much done (I'll try to eat some chocolate though!). We'll see what I can get done next week; my work schedule is kinda wonky because of Easter. I'll leave you with a photo of my brand new crochet hook holder:

Hmmm. If I keep letting it grow longer, I'm going to start losing hooks in there! Till next time.


  1. pretty snowflake Jeff.
    hhmmmm, I trim farmguy's beard a couple times a year,.. Easter and once or twice during the summer. starting late fall, he leaves it grow for face and neck insulation during the winter and the grand-kids think at Christmas he looks like santa. does that constitute TMI?

  2. Lovely snowflake, it's a gorgeous pattern and you have done a beautiful pie e of tatting,

    I like your new crochet hook holder,


  3. Beautiful snowflake! . And by the way, good place to rest .... crochet jejejejeje

  4. The snowflake is totally wayyyyyy cool!

  5. Funny! Even though you had to work I hope your ITD went well!

  6. Oops! Published my comments on the wrong post. Still grinning goofily over your new crochet hook holder.

    Great job on the one-pass approach -- and your fire-polished Czech beads look stunning!

    Sending you virtual chicken soup wishes on a speedy recovery. And hugs!