Sunday, April 8, 2012

Test Tatting for LadyShuttleMaker and a "Few" Orchid Photos

Howdy. I'd love to say I have lots of tatting to show you, but I don't. I really haven't felt like tatting lately. I have picked up my shuttles several times, and have picked up several balls of thread and put them back. I looked through my Pop-a-Bobbin shuttles again after Jane listed some of her awesome Poke Proof shuttle pouches (I HAD to buy two more as my newer shuttles needed to be kept safe). Anyway, I won't bore you any more as I did a bit of tatting last weekend and I also can share the test tatting I did for Sherry AKA LadyShuttleMaker for her recently released book. Oh, and thanks for the comments about my hook holder. In case anyone is wondering (probably not) I am trying to see how long I can grow my beard. I'd like to at least double the length it is now (it's about 2 inches long) or until a) it become an issue at work or b) I get it caught in something, whatever comes first.

Anyway, here is a sample of what I tested for Sherry:

As you may know this was tatted using "Branching Encapsulation". It's an interesting technique. I would have continued tatting this but I forgot to make a leaf on the third flower. It's funny I forgot to tat the leaf on that flower as it is the best one I tatted. I have to admit, I haven't bought Sherry's book yet. I seem to have reached a point where I have too many books that I haven't tatted from yet. I still may buy the book as this is an interesting technique.

I'm sure many of you have seen Sherry's tatted Scottie. I was lucky enough to have test tatted it as well. This is what I tatted last weekend.

This is a really cute pattern. And was pretty quick to tat too. I used Lizbeth size 20 thread in #606 Charcoal. As a side note, I love this colour! I like the look of tatting in black but it's a pain to work with. Charcoal is dark-the colour is a bit washed out in the photo-but light enough to see the stitches. Retro tatting is easier if needed too. If you haven't done it already, you can download the pattern from Sherry's blog (link to post here).

I think I mentioned a post or two ago that I bought a few new orchids. Well since I mentioned that, I bought a few more. I had better post them now, before I buy anymore. I decided to make a couple picture collages to save space. Enjoy!

Nothing really to say about these. I really like the yellow ones as you don't see many of them. The little one in the lower right is plain but kinda cute too. These are all Phalaenopsis orchids. All NOID (that's No IDentification).

Here is the two newest ones, also Phalaenopsis NOID:

I love these two! The one on the right is also pretty plain, but the flowers are strongly scented. I can't describe the scent-it's perfumey, that's all I can say. I smelled it at the store but thought it was potpourri or something and thought nothing of it. I've had the plant for about two weeks and it's definitely the plant. I love the colour of the one on the right. I haven't seen a Phal. like this before. The colour isn't quite right, but it's close.

That's about it. I'll try to get some tatting done this week. Really. I'll try hard to get some tatting done. Till next time.


  1. I hope your tatting "dry spell" doesn't last too long. I have had several of those myself. Sometimes it's hard to find inspiration. I like the charcoal color too.

  2. I am now caring for my mum's orchids. Before this it was not well cared for but now, we are having blooms non-stop of various varieties.

    Charcoal - that looks great. May make some of my own.

  3. I love the charcoal colour for the dog, I have not tried the pattern yet it's on list to do. Well done on your test tatting.

    I am sorry you are having a dry spell of tatting, I hope it ends soon .

    Beautiful orchids, my favourite flower, mine is about to flower again. Hope to share the flowers on my blog when it does. You are right we don't see many yellows ones, but it does not matter what colour they are a beautiful flower.

  4. Don't let that beard get too long. You'll wind up incorporating into a tatting. he he. I like the Scotty dog. I do plan to get him made at some point.

  5. Nice job on Sherry's test tatting. I bought the book but haven't had time to try it out yet. Looks very interesting. Love the Scotty dog. I think it will be great for the grandkids.
    Your orchids are lovely! Any plants I keep have to be very hardy as I don't take good care of them, but I very much enjoy you sharing your orchids.