Thursday, March 24, 2011

Windmills Doily and some Wool Roving

I finally got the Windmills done. Well, done for now. I'm still deciding if I will make it into an oval shape yet. Anyway, since I only had two motifs left to finish after the last post, I figured I'd have it done sooner. However, I didn't feel like working on it until Sunday. I ended up making some cheese on Sunday. I bought some proper cheese cultures, a new mold, and some cheese colouring (which I forgot to add!) and decided that Sunday was cheese making day. Though some tatting was done too.

I'm sure you probably want to see the doily by now. So without any further ado, here it is:

For anyone who recently came across my blog (and for others who may have forgot) here are a few stats about the doily. I am using Mary Konior's Windmills motif from her book Tatting With Visual Patterns, an awesome book, and one that is readily available from many online tatting stores (don't go to Amazon or eBay, and others for the book unless you want an out of print hardcover version). I am using DMC Cordonnet thread in size 20 in white. Right now the doily measures 15 inches (38.1 cm) when measured across the diagonal. This is the largest tatted piece I have made to date. I am also ashamed to admit that I have become rather attached to the doily. I had wanted to give it to my mom as a gift of some kind when it is done, but now I don't want to part with it. Is that bad? I think I will have to make another doily for my mom. Same pattern (I love this pattern!) but using the size 10 DMC Cebelia I have. We'll see. The new one could be for me.

About a week and a half ago, I felt compelled to buy some wool roving from Etsy seller slimchicken. Here it is:

This one is called "Jewel Colonial".

And this one is called "Northern Lights Colonial". Probably 6-7 years ago, I gave spindle spinning a try with less than stellar results. Well, I guess it depends on your point of view; the resulting yarn was uneven and lumpy. I know you can buy novelty yarns that look like that, but it wasn't what I wanted. I'm not sure where my spindle is anymore. I made it at my parent's house since my dad has the woodworking tools to cut out the wooden disks. I ordered another one from a different Etsy seller. It was pretty inexpensive, and much prettier than the one I made. I'll provide updates once I find the time to do some spinning.

That's about it for now. I'm probably going to go ahead and order the rings required to make a chainmaille shirt next week. I've been looking through instructions for the past few days, and feel confident that I can make this. I'll provide updates for this project as well. Unless I change my mind. But that probably won't happen. Till next time.


  1. I laughed when you asked if 'it is bad'!! Of COURSE it is! Your mom would love it!

    You must make the next one - which will be even better, I might add - for yourself!
    Fox ; ))

  2. Thanks Fox. That's kinda what I figured. Truth be told, I really have no place for a 15+ inch doily anyway.

  3. Give it to your mom like you planned. You'll still get to see it every time you go visit your parents.

    And leave it just as it is! The hexagonal shape of the whole doily, I think, is better with the individual hexagons that make it up. Plus, the pattern that has emerged where the motifs are joined would look a bit odd, IMHO, if it were extended only on two sides instead of all the way around. I can envision it as an oval, but it doesn't look as good in my mind as what you've got at this point. They do say that part of being an artist is knowing when to stop.

  4. I will most likely give it as a gift as intended Miranda. I've never had this problem with any other tatted piece.

    I'd like to disagree with you on the shape. I think it will still look OK. Though, I think I will have to rephotograph the doily on a dark background and see if I can digitally expand the doily into an oval. I'll definitely post the image when I do this.

  5. Oh I think your Mom would love it. Also I am going to have a go at spinning wool on a spindle my next door neighbour made me a inexpensive one. So all I am waiting for is the wool! Goodluck with your spinning cant wait to see the finished yarn.

  6. Your doily is beautiful, and I'd be tempted to keep it as well. Just think how thrilled your mom will be that you've given her something that you love yourself... an awesome gift!

    The roving is gorgeous! Good luck with your spinning, and please show pictures of your attempts. I have some roving and some spindles, but I have not perfected spinning with a drop spindle. Some day...

  7. Your doily is beautiful! No wonder you want to keep it for yourself! I would, too. I love the pattern.

  8. Ah, your doily is gorgeous. Windmills is a pattern that really shines in such a big piece. But I half wish you wouldn't post any more pictures of this because it is making me itch to do Windmills and I don't want to get into such a big project!

  9. I love just looking at this doily - Gorgeous!

  10. Well I am exhausted reading what you can do! Cheese making, spinning, tatting, chainmaille is there no end to your talents? As for the doily, well I tend to give everything away so its no good asking me!

  11. I clicked on the photo of the doily and drooled! What a lovely design. And YAY Roving! Have fun spinning. I find it so relaxing.