Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I did While On My Break

I had hoped to post again later last week, but kept coming home each evening tired from work. Mind you, I didn't get much done until my days off anyway. My thread from DS9Designs arrived early this week so I can soon resume work on my tie. I have been working on my Windmills doily. I am two motifs away from finishing the round.

I mentioned that I did a little bit of crocheting. Here is what I made:

This is the second pair of slippers that I made. I wasn't happy with the first pair; they were much too big. As I made the above pair, I adjusted the size of them. Since I used a wool yarn, I also felted this pair in the washing machine to shrink them enough for a nice fit. The pattern is called "Paw Warmers" from The Crochet Dude's book Designs for Guys. I like the pattern even though the slippers take longer to make than my other slipper pattern. I do plan on making anther pair soon.

Here's a collage of the bracelets that I have made over the last few weeks.

The top left bracelet is Box Chain, the same weave as the chain/necklace that I wear. The top right bracelet is called X-Lock Byzantine. It's actually byzantine just with dramatically different sized rings than usual, which makes it flat. The bottom left bracelet is made using the Full Persian weave in titanium. I think I've already showed you the Spiral Chain bracelet. The black and silver chain on the bottom right is called Helm's Chain. I made that one around the time I made Dragonscale since they used the same size rings. This one is actually going to be the base of a necklace that I am working on . I'll show you more when it's done. I also made a pair of earrings to match the X-Lock Byzantine bracelet and refined the ring size used for the Beaded Byzantine earrings.

While I'm still on the topic of chainmaille, I have been seriously considering buying the rings and beginning work on a chainmaille shirt. Since my sales have been slow for the past few months, this may be a good time to begin this large project. I did some playing around with some rings in the gauge that seems to be common for the shirts and feel confident I can do this. I'll let you know if/when I go ahead with this. I will have to wait at least two weeks until my next payday before I can buy the rings. Unless I get lots of sales in the next few weeks.

I will leave you tonight with a few more orchid photos. These were both purchased over a month ago.

These are both Phalaenopsis NOIDs. I love the bottom one in particular; it is similar to one I already own. That's actually why I bought it. While most orchids are seen as difficult to grow, Moth orchids, or Phals, are actually pretty easy to grow. A bright window where it can get several hours bright light-they don't like full sun, though a little is fine. Most of mine are under fluorescent lights. Water them every 10 to 14 days or so. Most orchids do require a special bark based soil to thrive in, and Phals do grow best in it. Some diluted fertilizer once in a while will benefit the plant too. That's about it.

That's it for now. Once I'm finished the third round of my Windmills doily I'll get a photo of it posted. Till next time.


  1. Hi Jeff,

    Lovely slippers, well done
    Your orichids are lovely, and your instructions for looking after them are spot on.

  2. I just keep drooling over your chainmaille jewelry. I wonder if a brooch would work with those magnets Jane Eborall is using on her new ones. Maybe not -- yours are aluminum, aren't they? Either way, I think I shall go shopping at Redeye after I come back from my vacation at the end of April (then I'll know how much money I have left!).

  3. A chainmaille shirt sounds like fun! - Knights of old, jousting on horseback, all young Lochinvar-ish!
    I like your slippers, it can be difficult to make garments in crochet because gauge is much more difficult to control than it is when you knit.