Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not A Lot Goin' On, Tatting Wise, Anyway.

Yeah, I know. I disappeared from the face of the Earth again. I came down with a cold last weekend, and just haven't felt like tatting lately. I did manage another row, and a bit on my tie since my last post. I do hope to find time to work on my tie over the next two days. But we'll see. As you can probably see, my poll has finished. The "No's" have majority, though barely. So, I'm going to focus on my other tatting patterns for now. Perhaps I will release the pattern at another time, maybe once the tie is complete. I'll continue to take notes as I go, and keep track of what I am doing until that time. I haven't started on Jane's newest TIAS, and I don't know if I'll get to it now. It won't be fun if I rush to catch up. So I'll move on here to the non-tatting that I managed to do this past week and a bit.

I'm not sure why, but I got inspired to work on chainmaille this week. Sales have come to a standstill, so I've been working on some new weaves, trying to come up with some new products. A few items are promising, another few need some work (and by work, I mean I have no idea what I'm going to do with them).

The first item is a fairly simple bracelet:

This bracelet is made using a weave called Double Spiral. Like I said it is pretty easy to make, and I'm not sure why I haven't tried it yet. I need to get some proper photos of it (something I was supposed to do today) and get it listed. It is made out of stainless steel, though it should work in most metals.

The next item I made is just a quick sample of a new weave:

This one is called Captive Zen. It is one of those weaves that relies heavily on very specific rings sizes to work. There are four different sizes of rings used here. Since this photo was taken, I have made a bracelet using this weave. I haven't photographed it yet (again, one of today's tasks that didn't get done). Both the above sample and the unphotographed bracelet were made using bright aluminum rings. This is a pretty stiff weave (it has to be), and doesn't work well for really small wrists, though it apparently relaxes and loosens up over time. I really like the way this weave looks. I'm hoping to make a pair of earrings using this weave too.

Finally, we come to the weave in which I'm not sure how it will be used.

This is a scalemaille flower. The flower is pretty quick to make. The one above has been modified to use as a pendant; the additional rings needed aren't shown in the above photo. I had thought they could be used as earrings, but at 1.75 inches across, they may be a bit large. Since I don't wear earrings, I really don't know. This could be easily wired to a brooch pin too. And one could add a length of wire to back and display it in a vase. I could go on; there are many possibilities. I might just sell them unfinished, so to speak, and let people use them as they please. Both the scales and rings are bright aluminum.

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll get some tatting time in this week. I'm probably going to work some more chainmaille too. Since my birthday is next Friday, I don't know what my posting schedule will be like. I'll aim for mid week, but it will depend on what I get done that's worth posting. Till next time.


  1. I like this flower very much. I would wear it in all possibilities you mentioned.

  2. Hi Jeff, Hope you feel better from your cold. Seems like everyone I know has a cold right now.

    I like how the new weave looks. Interesting design I also like the flower. It would make a pretty brooch.

  3. Hi Jeff,
    I hope you are feeling better
    I like your flower it could worn on a chain or as a brooch.
    You still can catch up on the TIAS the link pages are still on Janes blog.
    I hope you have a lovely birthday.
    Look forward to seeing your tie.

  4. I forgot in my last post to say
    Happy Birthday Jeff!! Hope you have a fun filled day!!

  5. I love the flower! I wonder if you put several in row as part of a necklace- big statement jewelery like that is fairly popular right now. All your chainmaille work is beautiful!

  6. Hey, I stumbled across your blog looking up tatted lace, and lo and behold I'm also a bridge city dweller. Cool stuff-tatting and jewelry both! Is there a tatting group or do you know of any workshops available in the city?

  7. Hi JQ,

    Welcome, and thanks for the comment. I'm not aware of a tatting group or workshops, unfortunately. It would be great to have a group though. I do know that there are a few other tatters in the province.


    PS: Hopefully you see this!

  8. Thanks for the reply. I have been cruising YouTube for tatting how-to's and I bought my first shuttles today. :) I'm pretty stoked!