Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tatted Motif, New Shuttle, and Some Thoughts About Lizbeth

I did it again, didn't I. I can't seem to focus on anything lately. On top of that, I think my sleeping cycle has become misaligned, again. I fall asleep later, and later and wake up later and later. Which sucks when you have to get up in the morning to go to work. So more than once last week I had a nap attack after supper, which means I lose an hour or two of tatting time. However I did manage to finish one motif I've been working on. I also got to proof read Linda Davies newest book. If it's not on her website yet, it will be soon. And I must say the finished designs look awesome. The tie is still on  hold, but I WILL get back to it. I have to before I lose interest in it completely.

I'm sure one tatter (and new designer) will recognize the following motif:

This is Maeve by Fox. There should be a link to the pattern on Fox's blog. It's a very pretty motif, and pretty quick to tat. I only made one small change to the pattern. Since I used one colour of thread, I made one of the large rings on the third round a split ring so I could continue without cutting and tying. I'll have to try tatting the motif using three colours next time. I used Lizbeth size 20 thread in colour #611 Gold (nonmetallic). Thanks Fox, for sharing the pattern with the rest of us. I wonder what else you'll come up with.

I think it's about time I show off my newest Pop-a-Bobbin shuttle. I don't even remember when I bought it. Here it is:

And here it is with it's new mate (it goes really well with my ebony shuttle):

The shuttle is almost pure white. Not quite but close, a light cream colour perhaps. As I said above, it goes well with ebony. Which isn't surprising since both woods are traditionally used in making chess pieces. As you can see, it doesn't have a hook, but it's not a big problem. Now, I need another shuttle. A dark coloured one. What?! I like them in pairs.

I'll end with some thoughts about Lizbeth. I don't think any other thread has divided the tatting community as much as Lizbeth. Some love it, and some hate it. I fall in the former group. I love the thread. I haven't had any major problems with thread. A knot in the thread in a pain, but easy to fix if caught early enough. I know that doesn't happen all the time-I've tried closing a ring only to find a knot it it. Besides knots, I know some people were having problems with the thread splitting, though I haven't seen that in any of the balls I have. I think the problem with the thread being twisty was solved. Again, I haven't seen this; since I bought mine after the problem was fixed I didn't expect to see this. By now, I've used a fair amount of thread, and from quite a few balls. I figure I should have come across a bad ball by now, but I haven't. Maybe I'm just too accepting. Lucky perhaps? I don't know. Anyway, I'll keep buying it.

That's it for now. I'll try and post again soon. I think I'll try and alternate between tatting and chainmaille posts just so I can post something. I bought a new chainmaille book and discovered a new chainmaille supply company here in the city, so you'll probably be seeing new things on the chainmaille front. Till next time.


  1. Nice job with Maeve, and good tip about the split ring. I've got the pattern and want to try it. I agree with you on the Lizbeth thread -- never have had any problems with it aside from the occasional knot (which I've found in lots of other threads). I look forward to your chained posts, too!

  2. That motif looks wonderful!!! :)

  3. Good job, Jeff. I'm definitely heading over to get a copy of that pattern!

    Thanks for your thoughts on Lizbeth. I guess at the time I was thinking about which threads to use, I kept happening upon all the negative discussions about it. I was hesitant to try it (even tho I had been given a sample). I decided to give it a try since the sample I had was so nice and, to my surprise - so far I have not come across a bad ball.

    Mine still have quite a bit of twist to them, but it's nothing that a 'drop-shuttle-to-unwind' won't fix.

  4. Your motif looks lovely and I love the colour.

    I also love the lizbeth thread, although I have not used much yet having brought a large supply just before christmas I have had no problems as yet. the colours are lovely and look beautiful when made up.
    Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog.

  5. Nice motif...looking forward to your finished tatted tie!

  6. Thank you, Jeff!

    This looks amazing in gold! You can really see the pattern.

    The funny thing is I perusing my Blog Roll, and saw your thumbnail motif and thought that it looked very pretty, so I pressed the key to go to your blog! Surprise! I did have to chuckle!

    Lizbeth? I fall into the later camp - not happy with it at all. I still have a lot of it left, though the balls have diminished substantially in the past year. I gave lots away with The Thread Exchange as well.

    That is all well and good - but what do I do when I need to buy more? I have NO idea! The dyes are so amazing and the shine is great...

    Fox : )

  7. Thank you Jeff, for proof reading my new book and it is indeed now uploaded to my website. So far it is going very well, but I have had to send a couple of the PDF's in two halves. I think that, as it is a large file, some tatters don't have the download capability!

    I'm in two minds about the Lizbeth thread. Some of mine is the first stuff and can be a nightmare to tat the knots. I also find some of it, as you get near to the end of the ball, becomes uneven.....some thicker bits and some thinner bits. This can really ruin your work and I tend to cut out these sections of threads. The best thing about Lizbeth of course, is the wonderful range of colour.

    Well done to Fox for the motif!