Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Tatted Tie, Part 3 - Slowly Making Progress

I had hoped to post earlier, but I lost my groove late last week and haven't done much tatting. I also wasn't feeling well towards the end of the week which didn't help. But I have been working on the tie. Before I show the tie, I want to make sure everyone knows I have set up a poll. You can find in on the top of my left sidebar. Please vote (if you wish). I really want your opinion. My feelings won't be hurt or anything if there is little to no interest in a tatted tie pattern. That just means I can move on to diagram and write out some of my other patterns.

Anyway, here is the tie as of this evening:

Currently, the tie measures about 8.75 inches (22.2 cm) long. This is just about the half way point. Here is another photo of the tie, this time against a patterned (t)shirt:

Its kinda a crappy photo, but it gives you the idea. There were several good comments on my last post regarding the tie. One that I really liked was to attach the top of the tie to a narrow strip of fabric to make the tying of the tie easier. I like the idea (thanks Maureen!), except for one small problem. My sewing skills are rather lacking. Actually lacking is being generous. My sewing skills are almost non-existent. I mean, I've sewn the bottoms of my pant legs shut (on several occasions!!) while trying to hem them (don't ask). I have been thinking about this since the suggestion was made and may have a possible solution. I was thinking I could get a "real" tie that is similar in colour (this shouldn't be difficult: the real tie I am using as a guide is very close in colour) and use the narrow part of it for my tatted tie. Now, you may think that's wasteful, but I've got that covered too. I could use the leftover scraps of fabric to make the centre of a temari ball.This is more authentic than using styrofoam(and better for the environment).  Another suggestion was to have a fabric backing. It's a good suggestion (thanks Gina!) but I'm not sure about it yet. As I mentioned, sewing is an issue for me. This one will have to wait until the tie is basically finished. I'll perhaps photograph it against a number of shirts to see how it looks. I don't own any shirts that are heavily patterned so it may not be as big of an issue. But again, we shall see. If anyone else has anymore good ideas, feel free to share them.

I'll leave you with a photo of my Christmas cactus which began to flower late last week:

I noticed what I thought were the beginnings of numerous tiny buds late in December, so its not that far off in its timing. And I haven't killed it yet which is good. I got it last Christmas so I must be doing something right. I've been wanting a few more in different colours, so I really need to see if I can still get them.

That's about it for now. Hopefully I make some more progress on the tie. Jane is also starting another TIAS (tommorow, I believe) which I'd like to participate in. So I need to prepare for that. Till next time.


  1. Jeff - buy a really cheap tie from one of the discount shops - we have Crazy Clark's here! - cut it up and simply attach the relevant bit to the top of your tie!!
    It's looking really effective, I can see how much work you have put into this.

  2. Thanks again Maureen. That is pretty much what I was planning. We have a discount chain called Value Village here that I was going to stop at next weekend.

  3. Hi Jeff,

    I think buying a tie would be a great idea as your sewing skills are not very good, for a man I think you do a wonderful job with your tatting, which is more than my hubby can do. Your christmas catcus is looking lovely.

  4. Hey Jeff,

    I hear ya! My sewing skills are non-existent as well. (I made 2 pair of pants and both pair split in the butt seam WHILE I was in town... talk about embarrassment!!)

    Since the sewing it nearly out of the question - what about a good, heavy duty, extra strong craft glue? They say it's washable.

    I use craft glue on all the knots in my tatting - this prevents me from having to weave in and hide ends (which I hate doing).

    Don't know how it would work, but it was just a thought that came to mind.

  5. Very interesting! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished!