Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Waiting .........

The waiting is killing me. I still haven't met with anyone yet. However, both people I'm supposed to meet with have been away for the last three day. So, hopefully next week. Thanks for all the kind words, by the way. They definitely help.

Anyway I'm still tatting Windmills motifs for my doily. I have two days off now, so I hope to keep working on the doily. I want to see how many motifs I can make with a ball of thread. I need to buy more thread (I think I said that back in March, but I recently found another ball of thread). I don't want to buy too much of the thread. I know some of you will disagree, but I far prefer Lizbeth to DMC Cordonnet now. I hope to switch all my white thread to Lizbeth as soon as all the DMC stuff is gone. Well, the sizes that Lizbeth comes in. Depending on how far I get, I may post a progress picture sometime next week.

Before I go, I've been noticing a lot of people mentioning a new editor in Blogger. What new editor? The one I have looks exactly the same as the one I had when I first started my blog. I have noticed that lately it starts in "Edit HTML" but it's easy to switch back to "Compose". Is it something they are still rolling out?

That's it for now. Not sure when I'll post again; I am aiming for Tuesday or Wednesday, but anything can happen to delay posting. Till next time.


  1. The other day (Friday?) when I logged on for a new post, there was a notice saying that the old editor would soon disappear. So, I clicked on the button for the new editor. Unfortunately for me, there was no button for posting pictures! I was too tired to deal with any new information Friday night, so I waited until Saturday morning to work on the problem. That's when I read that "a small subset of users" couldn't post pictures, but they were working on the problem and it should be fixed soon. Now I'm really curious as to how the new editor will work!

  2. My editor has been the same so far, except that this morning the box for adding pictures had a new look. The process was the same, though. Maybe they're just adding bits and pieces to different users at random.

  3. I was forced to go to the new editor several weeks ago when the photo posting stopped working for me in the old editor. The new editor is very different but I figured it out. Then yesterday morning, they changed the photo posting part of the new editor and the changes made it not work at all. I was finally able to post pictures a few hours later. I just wish they'd quit breaking things - I don't mind change nearly as much as I mind incompetence.