Thursday, April 1, 2010

International Tatting Day

Happy International Tatting Day!!!!!!

I hope everyone out there managed to get some tatting done today. And had some chocolate while doing their tatting. I've done some tatting today, but not very much. Same with the chocolate.

I am not quite done with my current tatting project to show you yet. However, due to a scheduling error at work (my fault, I didn't get my time off request in early enough) I will be spending the weekend in the city. I plan on tatting all weekend, after work. I do have three days off next week, towards the end, and plan on going away during that time. I hope to have a number of things to show you all either Sunday or Monday.

I will be going back to get a bit more tatting done before bed. Till next time.


  1. Happy Belated International Tatting Day! I went to work, but I did manage to eat some chocolate! I was too tired to do a blog post yesterday, LOL!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  2. Happy Belated International Tatting Day to you too, Chiclet! I had to work too, but I did manage a little tatting. I miss your posts. You don't post as often as you used to.

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