Monday, March 29, 2010

Crocheted Socks Complete ..... Hiatus Over! Plus Some Tatting

I finally finished the socks this weekend. I'm actually quite pleased with how they turned out.

Well, almost. I really don't like the crocheted ribbing that is used in the pattern. What I'm thinking I might do the next time (there WILL be a next time; I still have three more balls of this sock yarn, not all in blue, however) is to knit the ribbing and then crochet the rest. That's not a lot of knitting, so I think I can manage it. I'll provide an update if/when I decide to try this. You can also see what is left of the ball of yarn I was using. The pattern said I'd need a second ball to complete a pair of socks in the size I was making. I am also announcing that my hiatus from tatting is now over. I have a number of things that I want to tat, and I can't wait any longer.

I wanted to make something for Easter this year. I picked out a few motifs to make and have begun tatting them. Here is the first one, tatted in two different colourways:

These are Motif 2 from Festive Snowflakes & Ornaments For Needle and Shuttle Tatters edited by Barbara Foster. I'm not sure why, but I expected more from this book. Don't get me wrong, there are several pretty motifs in the book, as seen on the cover:

I don't know for sure, but it seems to me that many of the patterns were written for needle tatter with modifications in brackets for shuttle tatters. And no, I'm not picking on needle tatters. Some really amazing work is coming from the needles of needle tatters. And in all honesty, if I had heard of needle tatting when I was learning to shuttle tat, I may have gone the needle tatting route first. I'm just saying that the book is a bit biased. But since Ms. Foster and Handy Hands promote needle tatting, I'm not surprised. What does this have to do with the above motifs? Each pattern in the book has a specified technique to use, ie: needle and thread, shuttle and ball, etc. A shuttle and ball was recommended for this pattern (the needle tatting technique is irrelevant here). There are twelve (12!) SLTs (shoe lace tricks) used in the motif. Two shuttles would have worked better, and the results would look better too. I want to make at least one more motif from this book, so my opinion might change about the book. I also need at least three more of the above motifs as well. Thread stats: Lizbeth size 20 thread in colour #105 (on the left) and #122 (on the left).

You may be wondering what I need these motifs for. It's a secret. I'll show you on Thursday. As a side note, I have ordered a few ounces of sterling silver rings and will offer a few pieces of jewelry in this metal. I have also ordered some rings suitable for making a chainmaille bag. I think it would make a cool tatting bag, if only for myself. I'm pretty sure they would need to be lined, and I don't know how long it would take to make one. So, I may not be able to offer them for sale, but we'll see.

That's all for now. I'll see you Thursday. Till next time.


  1. Nice socks! I am wondering how comfortable they will be. I have knit socks, but not crocheted them. The motifs are pretty too.
    I am having a tatting give-away on my blog. Please have a look and sign up if you're interested =)

  2. Your socks look wonderful! I crocheted a pair in a weekend years ago, but I never made another pair because of the ribbing. Also, I think it's easier to walk on knit socks than crocheted socks... I can't stand the feel of all those little bumps! Still, I may try another pair using your idea of knit ribbing.

    I love the colors you used for your motifs. I haven't really delved into the snowflake book. I guess I'm too engrossed in doilies right now!

  3. Okay, I guess I'll have to wait to understand what in the heck you are talking about. Yes, Barbara Foster is Biased FOR needle tatters. For that reason I think I'm going to stop being all gung ho for promoting her so much. Honestly, her pedestal toppled over at the end of last year when I realized this about her, LOL!

    So, those socks are crocheted! OH! I just realized this!

    Okay so I came over to thank you for celebrating my blogoversary with me! Good luck in the drawing!
    Thanks for being a bloggy friend!
    ~TattingChic ♥