Sunday, February 28, 2010

Copper Shuttle, Masquerade, and Did Someone Say Gold?

It was so awesome to see Canada win the Gold in Hockey today. And while Canada came in third in the metal count, we did win more Gold metals than any other country, in the history of the Winter Games. Which is freaking awesome too! I am proud to be Canadian, eh!*

I'm sure many of you had seen Sherry's metal clay tatting shuttles that she had for sale several weeks ago. I am happy to say that I am the proud owner of the copper shuttle.

Despite it's small size, it very nice to tat with. Once I got used to the size, I was able to tat quite nicely with it. Above, you can see my new shuttle being used to tat one of Mary Konior's Masquerade motifs. In case you are wondering, the shuttle easily holds 4 yards (2 of my arm spans) of size 20 thread. There was still room on the shuttle, so it probably holds about 5 yards. Here is the finished motif:

For this motif I used Lizbeth size 20 thread in colour #125 Seascape. See, I said you'll see this colour again. I hope to make this into a bookmark. I should mention that a slight, um, design variation occurred while this motif was tatted. But it shouldn't be a problem, so I won't say anything else about it.

Before I go tonight, I want to mention that I really hoped to get this posted earlier in the week. It's been a rough week. The store that I work at has been renovating since early January, and this week, the renovations finally got to me. So, between being frustrated, and dealing with upset customers, combined with difficulties sleeping-probably from said frustration, I didn't feel like tatting let alone posting. In case you're wondering, I'm currently enjoying day two of three days off from work. That's it for now. Tune in next time to see the completed Windmills doily.

* The correct word is "eh". I've seen several blogs using the word "aye" which isn't correct (that sounds more like Pirate speak-Aye, matey!). For the record, despite "eh" being associated with Canadians, I know exactly five people who use the term on a regular basis. Quite frankly, I find the term annoying.


  1. Very cool! Love the tatting shuttle and you are so lucky to have one! I don't have the funds just at the moment, but maybe later! I'd love a silver one.

    Congratulations Canada on the Gold medal! :)

  2. Uhhhh...Jeff you're in the wrong part of the Country. Ehs abound here in Ontario. So do hoooses (houses). Sorry Eh?

  3. You do, eh? LOL

    Proud to be Canadian Fox : ))

  4. I don't know about this Canadian use of the word eh/aye. To me "eh" is a word you use when questioning something, for example... if I didn't understand something you said I might respond with "Eh?". And the word "aye" is something you'd say in agreement, for example... someone might say that's a beautiful shuttle and I would say "Aye." in agreement.