Friday, October 2, 2009

The Tatting Book Post - Finally

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who sent their condolences and prayers. My Grandma was very proud of my tatting, and was easily my second biggest fan. She will be missed. I have made her many tatted items as well as an equal (or even greater) amount of crocheted items. Now that she's gone, I really want to get at least some of the larger items (particularly the tatting) back. Hopefully that doesn't make me insensitive or anything, but as far as I'm concerned they wouldn't mean anything to anyone else. I will have to design something in her memory. Since its getting colder out now, perhaps a snowflake would be ideal.

As I mentioned earlier, I purchased some new tatting books recently. The first book is one that I know some of you have already. Its one of Jon Yusoff's books.

Jon even included a cute little tatted snowflake:

There are lots of really pretty snowflakes in this book. So you will be seeing plenty of snowflakes in the coming weeks. Thank you Jon for writing this book.

My next two new books were purchased together. I found them on eBay. The first one is another book some of you may have.

I know. I mainly shuttle tat, but I thought it would be nice to have this book as a reference. I have done some needle tatting, but I wanted a good offline reference. This is the book I wanted in the auction, and in case you wondered, the cost of the two books plus shipping was cheaper than the above book is when new (and without shipping). I am quite pleased with this purchase.

The final book is one that I haven't heard of before.

This is basically a book of older tatting books. It contains such books as Priscilla Tatting Book No. 1, plus four other books. There are a number of cool designs I'll have to try sometime.

I haven't done much tatting since the funeral, but its more of a lack of time rather than a lack of desire. I had purchased some Lizbeth size 40 thread that I am currently using in several projects. Once they are done I'll show you.

One more thing before I go. You may remember the Tillandsia that I blogged about back in June. If not here is a refresher:

Well, a few weeks after this picture was taken, the plant turned completely green again and then went back to doing nothing. Or so I thought. (Insert dramatic music here.) I usually just spray the plant with water while misting the other plants and think nothing of it. A couple days ago, I thought the plant could use a good soaking so I went ahead and did so. Here is what I saw when I did:

I am so proud of the plant. I was kinda hoping for more than one offset, but one will do. I have several other bromeliads, enough to do a whole post on them. Heck, I can even make it tatting related. Hmmmm (stroking beard), that's not a bad idea. Look for that in the near future; though I'll have to get my butt in gear in order for that to work. That's all I have right now. Later.


  1. Welcome back and thank you for sharing your thoughts and tidbits about your latest books.

    As a lurker, I don't expect you to know my screen name, but please accept a big, virtual hug and silent support.

  2. Hi there! Glad to see you posting again! ☺ Hope you are feeling better and at peace.

    Let me know when/if you still want to do that tatting exchange you had offered a while back. I am done with my big swap and am ready for another one.

  3. Please tell me how to water a bromeliad! My husband received one as a gift, and he says you just pour water on the leaves, and the plant sucks it up that way. But the earth in the pot is so dry, I am worried that it will die.
    It seems to be doing well. it has a red-and-yellow flower - but I have a track record of killing plants and I feel responsible for this one! Should I drown it under cover of darkness - or is John's way the right way?

  4. Thanks for stopping by Isdihara, Chiclet and Maureen. I love getting your comments. Virtual hug accepted Isdihara. Thanks.

    Chiclet, I'll email you privately later.

    Maureen, how to water a bromeliad depends on what kind you are talking about. Generally though, you would add water to the cup of the plant and water the soil (just enough to make it moist). So you're both right. Hope this helps. If not, let me know.

  5. welcome back,
    I have always enjoyed bromeliads, they are so varied.

  6. Your advice has been taken, Jeff - thanks for replying!

  7. Wow....Your surprise flower is beautiful. Something beautiful like that puts a smile right on your face, doesn't it?