Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

I figured I should do a quick post. As the title says:

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!

It still is Halloween (here anyways). To be honest with you, I really don't like Halloween. I know I can almost hear the screams of horror from those of you who like the holiday. I guess I outgrew the holiday many years ago. Until today.

My workplace encouraged those of us who had to work today to dress up. And, there was going to be a contest. After some thought I did dress up.

Subtle, isn't it? Dressing up made the day quite enjoyable. In case you're wondering, I made the tail and the horns. The horns were made using polymer clay (Fimo), and attached to my head with a black cord. A lot of people (customers and co-workers alike) wondered how the horns were attached. Unless you stood fairly close to me, you couldn't see the cord. The costume turned out better than I though, especially since I altered my original idea. I had wanted to get a red jacket to wear, with the horns growing out of a hat. But the used clothing store I visited didn't have red jackets or suitable hats, so a black jacket was chosen and I opted to not wear a hat. And oddly, a lot of people (mostly co-workers) commented how the costume was very appropriate. I just can't figure out why.

That's all for today. I do have some tatting to show, but its not Halloween related, so I'll make another post about it soon. Later.


  1. Devilishly good costume! Fox : )

  2. Frankly, I'm not a Halloween person either. Never was. I went trick or treating with my cousins only because of "family" peer pressure. We dressed up as hobos or clowns back then. Nothing fancy. Everyone in the little community I lived in knew my parents. I just hated being the object of attention and dressing up did not appeal to me. I've outgrown most of that, and can even wear a costume now and then,(like tatting demos) but Halloween...that holiday could disappear and I'd never know it. And I do not accept invitations to costume parties. I just don't. No major trauma in my younger years or anything. I just don't want to dress up myself. I know I'm strange in that, but there you have it. I make no apologies and I enjoy other people's costumes. Funny how they get so excited about it. My son created a fabulous costume. Wish I had photos!

  3. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the comments. I have to admit, the horns are my favourite part as well. I wore them for the rest of the day.

    You know Gina, I feel the same way you do. Since Halloween is (with a few exceptions) a holiday for kids, I wouldn't miss it either. Dressing up this year is totally out of character for me. I haven't dressed up since I was in grade 7. I think a lot of people were surprised that I, of all people, dressed up.

  4. Sometimes its the subtle things that work...the horns and tails are fantastic! You look very cute and evil at the same time.

  5. Perfect!! The horns are so realistic, well I guess any. I've never seen real horns on a person. LOL!