Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Etsy Store is Go! Plus a little bit of tatting.

Well, my Etsy store has been created and most of the jewelry pieces have been listed. I won't go into any major details, but if you're interested, my store, Chainmaille by Redeye, can be reached here:

I am currently using my regular Etsy account. I may recreate the store using a new username if I feel it is necessary. I probably won't provide many updates about the store here, since this blog was created for tatting. I've had a lot of non-tatting posts lately.

Now for the tatting. Right after my last post, I tried out that Daisy thread I posted about. I decided to try an edging pattern from the vintage tatting book that I also blogged about earlier.

If you're wondering, this is edging No. 9075. As both Sharon and Ladytats said in the comments, the thread comes in a skein that is doubled onto itself several times. So I'll have to wind it onto something before it gets all tangled up. The thread is alright to tat with. It appears to be a 3-cord thread, and it is a bit fuzzy. As you can see in the above photo, my tension was terrible. I was afraid of snapping the thread. I didn't, but the thought stayed with me till I ran out of my "ball" thread. I wound a shuttle with the thread and simply pulled off a metre or so of thread and used it as my ball thread.

That's all for now. I really need to get back to some serious tatting. I haven't touched the Spinning Wheel doily for several weeks now. I also want to rewrite the above edging pattern in modern notation. I kept loosing my place. Till next time.


  1. Hi Jeff. Congratulations on your new store! Your two pendants made of chain maille are pretty cool. Good luck with it!

    That vintage edging is pretty. Have fun winding all that thread onto a thread winder or something!

  2. Congratulations Jeff. Your work are all so pretty. I hope you get many sale of the jewelry pieces.

    The edging would make a nice book mark too, I think.

  3. Jeff, I love what you have in your Etsy shop! The edging is beautiful... can't wait to see more tatting!

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  5. Very pretty edging ... and lovely earrings! Fox : )

  6. Congrats on the store Jeff. I wish you the best with it!

  7. I hope you do well with your store your stuff is fabulous.