Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Little Bit of Crochet, Tatting, Designin', and Exchangin'

Judging by the title, you'd think I've been busy. Well, you'd be partially right. I have been working on my crochet afghan since my bookmarks for the exchange were mailed. I promised a photo when I last posted. It wasn't easy, but here is a close up of the afghan:

This image is the best one I could come up with. I think I may have to look into a new digital camera. I'm not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but the afghan is called "Colonial Zig-Zag" by Shirley Brown. I'm using Lion Brand Homespun in, wait for it, Colonial! Yes, the pattern name is correct, I didn't change it. The Homespun yarn is really nice to work with, but it has one drawback, it unravels when cut. So you have to knot the ends when you cut it. I am so glad that I decided not to make a fringe on it. Besides requiring nearly a full skein of yarn (I didn't want to buy more than needed), I personally think fringes are kind of "girly" (sorry ladies, don't throw your tatting shuttles at me, unless they are Aero's!).

I have not done much tatting since finishing my bookmarks for the exchange. I have started a pattern by Ruth Perry, but it won't be done for a few days at least. The main piece of tatting I have been working on is a design I came up with. I really don't want to show it, but I will anyway. I will not, however, tell you what it is supposed to be.

To be honest, "it" would look better if I'd followed the (really nice) diagram I had made. Everything pictured was tatted continuously (which may have been part of the problem). I'll be revisiting this piece again later. I'm sure it will look much better. I have also decided to try one of LadyShuttleMaker's ceramic shuttles. I know, I know. I have mentioned before that I like Aero's and Aero type shuttles, but I keep getting drawn to post type shuttles. Here is my new shuttle:

This is one of Sherry's "Agateware" shuttles. When she first showed it, I knew it HAD to be mine. It is actually not a bad tatting shuttle. I did find that when using fine threads, the shuttle unwinds when let go, but that more of a slight annoyance more than anything.

Finally I have received my bookmark from my first partner Karin from Germany. She sent me a really nice bookmark that she designed herself.

This is a really pretty bookmark. Karin used Coats Eldorado in size 10 colour # 4288. The fringe at the bottom is made from cut really long picots. OK, so fringes aren't always girly. Besides the bookmark Karin sent a cool postcard (as well as something extra).

I've been in a number of exchanges, and this one is certainly one of the best. I sure hope Karin likes the bookmark (and the colours I've used). I'll show the bookmarks I have made once both of my partners have received them. Until next time.


  1. I understand well, I too use bobbin shuttles but simply can't resist these pretty ceramic shuttles. They are a piece of art, every piece is unique, just wish I could own more of them.

    There's a real cool bookmark for a guy.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Ellen. This is probably going to be my only ceramic shuttle. They are indeed a piece of work and I am glad they are available to us.

    I also think the bookmark is good for a guy. It's doesn't have an extreme lacey feel to it.

  3. Everything looks wonderful today! The afghan is gorgeous. I may be a little prejudiced... you used my favorite color of Homespun! I agree with you about the fringe, and I do find it annoying that I have to knot the Homespun to keep it from unraveling. Ah, the price we pay for beauty!

    The bookmark is beautiful! I'm a little partial to bookmarks. I wonder why?

    I had my eye on this shuttle, but chose the agateware shuttle with blue trees on it instead. No matter what kind of shuttle I use, I find that I've started categorizing them according to the size thread I can use! I admit, I'm addicted to needlework tools, including Sherry's shuttles. When I see something that intrigues me or is especially beautiful, I am sorely tempted to buy it.

    Looking at the postcard makes me want to travel! Thanks for posting so much today... I think I'm also addicted to reading tatting blogs, and it seems we've all been too busy to do much posting lately!

  4. ROFLOL...You weren't kidding when you said you had Karin for a partner. For some reason I thought you meant that she was you partner in a previous exhange. Well. now I'm curious to see the bookmark you did send her. I am partial to Aero's as well, but I do love Sherry's shuttles, partly because they're so unique and beautiful and partly because they're made with luv. Corny, huh?

  5. You've really been busy, it all looks very good.
    And we forgive you for not liking frilly stuff. :-D

  6. Thanks Diane, TattingChic, and Susanne. Diane, this is my favourite colour of Homespun too. The knotting of the yarn was probably the biggest issue for me. There are 2 strands of yarn in each stitch. There are 93 stitches that need to be fringed. And there are two sides to be done. And of course there are two side of each fringe to be knotted. That would be 744 knots to make. I don't want to know how much yarn the knots will take up. I'm glad you didn't buy this shuttle. I had my eye on it since Sherry first showed it.

    TattingChic: Hopefully it won't take long for Karin to get her bookmark and I can show it. The way I see Sherry's shuttles is that there will only be one of each, no matter how many she makes.

    Susanne: I tolerate the frilly stuff quite well. Most of the lacey, frilly things I make are for female family and friends.

  7. That lovely afgan is Diane's favorite color! Hee hee
    Yes, I try to make the shuttles customizable with the 400 grit paper, if the tips are too loose for someone they are way too tight for someone else. That is the nature of clay. I am glad you like it in spite of that trait!

  8. Thanks for stopping by Sherry. The afghan is in my favourite colour as well.

    I kinda figured that was the nature of the shuttles, but I still love the one I have. The more I use it, the more I like it. No one some some people have many of your shuttles.