Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just Some Pictures to Show

On her blog, Gina is showing her progress on Filigree Scroll, from Traditional Tatting Patterns edited by Rita Weiss. She mentions a few problems with the pattern. I made this pattern a few (I'm not sure how long ago) years ago. Here is my version:

I left Gina a comment telling her I made the motif before and offered to show my version. I was sure I did a better job on it. I really did. i even blocked it before posting, but it didn't help that much. I'm not sure exactly what size thread I used. It must be either a size 20 or 30. It is a inexpensive 3 cord crochet cotton. That's the problem! I knew it wasn't me! But seriously, looking at it, it looks like the chains were not tightened enough. I think I will remake the motif sometime. Maybe in some HDT.......

Here is my progress on Day 5 of TIAS 3:

It's looking familiar now. I have a few ideas on what it could be, but I'll keep quiet for a while yet. While looking at Jane's blog, I came across a motif of hers that is suspiciously similar. But I'm not talking. You may notice that the Josephine Knots at the bottom (I think) look different. The one on the left is done the traditional way, the second is done using the Jane's method. The instructions are at the bottom of the page. Mark, AKA TatMan, has posted instructions on making the double stitch in a different way, he calls it a "Dizzy Double Stitch". This is the same thing that Jane is using except it is for both halves of the DS; Jane is using only the second half. It works well, but I need more practice with it. That's all for now.


  1. The motif is beautiful, and I see what you mean about tightening the chains, though that may change the overall shape.
    The TIAS project looks like something I should have gotten into - but I've been busy making HDT, etc. Looks like you're doing a marvelous job on it.

  2. The motif looks better than you're giving it credit for, Jeff. I think if both of you are saying similar things about tatting it the problems could be inherent with the design, not either one of your tatting skills.
    The Tias is amazing. Still can't tell what it is, but it's fun watching the show on everyone's blogs.

  3. Thanks Marilee and TattingChic. If I had tightened the chains better, the motif would look much better. I'm sure the pattern and thread were part of my problems. I will definitely have to revisit this design.

    I thought I had an idea of what TIAS 3 might be, but Jane said that it wasn't what I thought. Oh well.

  4. Jeff, I was gone a good part of yesterday and just now got to check your motif. Looks good to me! LOL! I'm using a size 30 thread too and it's not a 6 cord either. It looks like you got the blossoms to sit on the chain the way the designer intended though. I've got 3 projects to tat before I can try this again. Thanks for posting yours. It's a little easier to study and see where potential improvements in the design can be made than from the photo in the magazine.
    :-) Gina

  5. I see what you mean, Jeff, about the tension, but having said that it is still a lovely pattern! I'll bet you will make a brilliant job if you do it again!

  6. Thanks Gina and Linda. Feel free to use my photo my photo Gina. Yes, it is a nice pattern. Since I made this motif awhile ago, I'm sure future attempts of the pattern will work out much better.

  7. #3 cotton or no, you did a nice job. I have that book, I'm going to have to take a look at the pattern, it's the right size for a coaster (of which I seem to be doing a lot. Coasters and bookmarks. Short attentions span I guess!).

  8. Thanks Shay. I'm still going to remake it one of these days. It would look good as a coaster. If you do try it, and need help, just ask.