Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Monsterpiece Doily, Round 6: Complete!

Sorry for the delay in posting. I didn't mean to go quite this long without a post. I finished the socks I was knitting and felt the desire, probably more of a need to get back to the Monsterpiece Doily. I wanted to finish the round before I posted again. I didn't want another knitting only post. I realized after I started working on the doily again, that while round 6 was easy, it was very boring. I think that's why something else caught my eye, and fingers.

I'm happy I finished this round, finally. Here is the doily as of early this afternoon:

I haven't blocked it yet, though I think it could actually use it. Or at least a quick shot of steam. I might do one or the other later in the week. I started the next round already, as I wrote out the round last night after I finished tatting round 6. For anyone curious, the blocking tile the doily is on is 12 inches (30 cm) wide so the doily is about 11 inched (27ish cm) in diameter. Not much else to say right now. Thread stats: Manuela no. 20 colour #a055.

Finally, here is the latest pair of socks off my needles.

I think these are probably my best pair of socks yet. The colour is pretty close compared to the previous photo. However, the size is a bit off. I guess my original thoughts were wrong about the size for these. I probably should have cast on a couple extra stitches per side to make the circumference a little bigger. I want to thank those of you who commented on my last post and left sock knitting advice. It is very helpful, and I'm sure I'll get better as I go. I didn't specify last time, but it's not the length that's the problem. All of the socks I have made (for me) are knitted to the correct length for my foot. The pattern I'm using has us knit the toe first, then you knit until the sock is 1.25 inches less than your foot measurement then you work the heel. The heel is knit exactly like the toe. On this pair, the top of the cuff is a little tight and a bit hard to get over my heel. I'll keep knitting socks though. Practice makes perfect! All the socks I have knit are still wearable, so it's all good. The yarn is Patons DK Wool in Welsh Coast

That's about it for now. I do plan to continue working on the Monsterpiece Doily since it's interesting for me again. I do plan on getting back to knitting socks as well. My next pair is going to use actual sock yarn! Till next time.


  1. the doily looks great and I think this is where I marked it with thread or pins to race myself. I love the colors you are using really nice.
    Love the socks, and I think that variegated color is nice too. Would make a great matching man's tie too :)

  2. Your doily is looking great! I think this is the round where I made a mistake last summer. I had to snip off several rows. I sure hope you don't experience the same thing! Love the socks!

  3. Although it is tempting to race ahead with these tatted projects, having a break to do other things makes a lovely change and means you can go back with refreshed interest. The doily is looking great. I enjoy seeing pictures of hand knitted socks, especially using amazing wool.

  4. Doily looks great and the socks do, too. Try knitting the top part of the sock with larger needles....may take a bit of experimenting....and definitely cast off with a larger needle size. Could be your cast-off is just a bit too tight, OR could be you need a bigger circumference for the whole top section of the sock. If the foot fits ok, try using the next size larger needle for the top part and see what that does. Hand-knitted socks are so 'personalized' that you can experiment and eventually figure out *exactly* how to make them to fit perfectly.

  5. Good for you on the big doily, such a big project, every row should be celebrated. I do like your socks. I always make mine a bit too wide in the foot. Glad they are still wearable. Happy New Year!

  6. Good for you on the big doily, such a big project, every row should be celebrated. I do like your socks. I always make mine a bit too wide in the foot. Glad they are still wearable. Happy New Year!

  7. Your doily is looking beautiful, I look forward to seeing the next round.
    The socks look great

  8. Yes I made mistakes on this next one so make sure you place markers, I think everyone did as I recall :) Although I thought I wanted to stop and not go on, it looked so pretty too ( if I remember right. I love the socks and the color and so glad you can knit very well or at least better than me ha ha ha.