Friday, February 28, 2014

Quick Update

I'm still here. I just haven't been tatting much apart from the TIAS. I have done a little more chainmaille, but not much, mainly my own stuff. There are a few crochet projects I'd like to make, but we'll see if they happen before spring.

Since I was managing to remember to send progress pics to Jane, I think I will skip to the final motif:

As I'm sure everyone is aware, Jane's TIAS this year turned out to be a Pirate Ship. OK, I think technically it's a "sailing ship" but that mine's a Pirate Ship. What's that? Who says a pirate ship can't have pink sails. Yeah, probably not the best choice, but if you did meet some pirates with a ship that had pink sails, you might not argue with them. Thread stats: Lizbeth size 20 #s 701 and 704 (the blue one). Thanks Jane for hosting the TIAS. It was lots of fun.

That's it for now. I am currently working a doily as my main tatting project right now. It is one I have partially done before, but found a more efficient way of working parts of it. I hope to do a proper post in a couple days. I hope to get a fain amount of tatting done as it supposed to be really, really, really cold this weekend. We're supposed to be in the minus 50's with the wind chill tomorrow. Which is better than the -60 something Environment Canada was forecasting yesterday. Till next time.


  1. the sails are simply reflecting either the sunset, or the sunrise, and that is why they are pink.

  2. You are even colder than we are here! Brrrrr... I could. not believe the CBC when I heard the forecast for this weekend! And there's Margaret in Britain with Spring flowers in her garden!

    Kelp those shuttles warm. Love the pink-sailed pirate sloop!
    Fox. : )

  3. Yes Fox my spring flowers are flowering, gosh that's what I call b.....cold, I heard you are having a cold winter, your snow showers in Canada and the US come flying over on the jet stream at 300 miles per hour and because the Atlantic is warm they turn into rain, We have had the wettest winter in 250 years, 25 squares miles of Somerset in flooded, and they are pumping millions of tons of water off the levels every day now and it's still in places waist deep and the only way around is by boat, it's an inland sea. Damage to fields and homes is running in the millions, or rather trillions. So okay I am warmer but wet, nit a day goes by without rain.
    Stay warm look forward to seeing your new piece of tatting

  4. Cool ship! I was thinking if you used a tatted skull (Martha Ess) in one of the sails... it would REALLY look like a pirate ship.