Monday, April 1, 2013

Spinning Wheels Glass Mat, Part 1

This took longer than I expected, but better late than never. I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was getting some weird shifts at work. I think I'm on week three of these shifts, and they are screwing me up. And then, I had today off which I planned to spend tatting, International Tatting Day and all, but instead spent the morning troubleshooting my computer. I traced the problem to the video card. Fortunately I still had my old one, but it didn't like Windows 7's fancy desktop environment, Aero, I believe. Disabled that, and so far so good. However, now it looks ugly and is sluggish. So I'll have to pick up a new video card. Anyway, I should get to the tatting.

As I said before I was going to tat one or more of Mary Konior's Spinning Wheels Glass Mats. I finished one a few days ago and started another one. Here is the completed one:

This was tatted using Lizbeth size 20 thread in colour #167 Jungle Greens. I can see why Diane likes tatting this. The stitch count is easy to remember, and once you make one repeat it was easy to remember where all the joins are. I did mess up once, er, twice at the beginning. One error is still visible, but it still works. I'm working on another one. This time in a solid colour. I'll share it as soon as I finish it. I hope to get a fair bit of tatting done tonight.

I'm still working on the Betta patterns. I just haven't felt like working on it. One of these days I'll get them finished. Anyway till next time. And

Happy International Tatting Day!!


  1. Your Spinning Wheel looks terrific in Jungle Greens! Not only is this pattern easy to remember, it's very forgiving. Since the eye focuses on the swirling design, new design elements (mistakes) just seem to fade away!

  2. That looks very good.
    Tough to have messy shifts at works, messes up your whole life.
    Good thing you know so much about computers that you could fix it yourself.
    Happy Tatting Day to you too.

  3. Beautiful glass mat. I've made about 5 and still make mistakes on it.

  4. This is one pattern that seems to look great in every thread. Perhaps its time I tried this one myself.

  5. Hi Jeff

    Lovely to see to back inn blog land
    Beautiful spinning wheel mat,
    Happy international tatting day I bit belated sorry I have been away for a couple of days

  6. Very interesting pattern. Love it. Are you willing to share the pattern? Think this would be fun to try!

  7. That looks very nice in those dark colors!! :)