Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Refining a Design, Updated

I'm not off to a good start for blogging regularly this year, am I. I have been busy tatting though. I just don't have much to show right now. I don't have anything new to share, but rather something old that I have been tweaking. I have also been working on writing out the pattern for the design in question. The writing process brought on a few thoughts and questions that I will get to after I'm done sharing.

I'm sure some of you remember my Male Betta? Well, I finally managed to write out the pattern for it. While I was writing the pattern out, I managed to fix a few issues I had with the pattern. So, here is the final version:

For reference, here is the original version:

I think the new version looks much better. And, I actually like the looks of the variegated thread I used in this version too. It's Lizbeth #125 Seascape. It fits the design; go ahead, Google Male Betta and see for yourself. Check out the images. Now, the pattern has been tested by one other person (thanks Jane!!), but I should have one or two other people to test it as well. So, if you are willing to be a Guinea Pi.... er, test tatter, please comment on this post. The first two will get a chance to test the pattern. You would need to know how to make split rings, but everything else is fairly basic. I would expect a needle tatter could tat this too. The pattern will be sent out Friday or Saturday. If there are more than two people who want to test the pattern, do not worry. I have a plan!

While writing out the pattern, it occurred to me that I can modify the pattern to create other fish. That is what I am working on right now. I've got two other designs in the works. The two other designs are Female Betta, and Dwarf Gourami. I will need test tatters for these patterns too.  I am planning on selling the Male Betta pattern, and since the other designs are based off of the Male Betta, they'd be for sale too. I was thinking of offering all three patterns together, kinda as a book. Or pattern collection. Though, I don't know if that is what people would want. I could offer them for sale individually. Any thoughts? I don't have a price in mind yet, but it would be cheaper to offer all three (perhaps more?) patterns together.

Update: Between this post and Facebook, I've got enough test tatters. The first 2-3 will get to test the Male Betta. As I said above, I will send the pattern to the testers either tomorrow or Saturday. The other two patterns will be sent out as they are completed. That will hopefully be by next weekend. Don't worry if you don't here from me till then. Thanks!

That's about it for now. I'll try to post again this weekend. No promises. It's my birthday next Monday. That's also when the iPad I bought myself (for my Birthday) is supposed to arrive. I'll probably be busy playing with that for a while. I have a new tatting book coming tomorrow too. I've got a lot of tatting to do before the weekend is over. Till next time.


  1. Hi Jeff, cute fish.
    I posted a comment to your fb post, but will comment here too, I would enjoy testing this if you need another tester.

  2. The fish is cool. I like the multicoloured version. I'll be happy to test tat if you need more people.

  3. Ooh, bravo! I used to have a red male Beta called Clink...this reminds me of him. Also had a white and purple Beta named Prince (or rather, the symbol, LOL) I can foresee happy hours ahead tatting old fishy warrior friends!

  4. Nice fish. I'd almost forgotten how pretty they were. If you need a test tatter, let me know.
    Stephanie Wilson

  5. That is an adventurous design Jeff, well done.
    Will not offer to test tat as I would not have time, but I am sure plenty people would love to. Difficult to answer your question about offering the pattern for sale either as an individual or a collection, best to decide when they are all completed.

  6. OK this is my third try to post a comment. Love the Beta and would love to test tat it. Have a new great grandson who will be two weeks old tomorrow and it would look great on one of his outfits. I would like to buy all three at one time.

  7. I like your pattern, please excuse me from not offering to test tat, my reason is very straight forward I am not at home, but in Oxfordshire at present due to two family bereavements, home maybe snowed in as they had snow in the mendips on Tuesday, we are going to get more here in Oxfordshire over the next 36 hours.hopefully going home next week. I look forward to seeing your new fish designs in the future.

  8. *sigh* I guess I missed out on being a test tatter for your Male Betta, but would be happy to tat one of your other fish. :) I like fish!

  9. This is a really impressive design, Jeff! Congrats.
    Fox : )