Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jelly Bean Earrings

Nothing new to report since my last post. It snowed again. But that's not really new here. So, I guess we'll get on to the tatting.

After I got my Aerlit shuttles, I tatted three pairs of earrings for my mom. Some of you may have seen these, but I haven't heard anyone mention them before.

These are Jill Hanna's Jelly Bean Earrings. Anyone who has purchased an Aerlit shuttle will have the pattern. It's printed on the back of the package. The bobbins have a different pattern on the back of their packages. I don't think anyone has mentioned the fact that there is a patten on the back of the packages. I don't know why, I just find it surprising. Anyway, the pair on the left was tatted according to the pattern, with lots of picots. I used Lizbeth 20 colour #122 Caribbean for this pair. For the blue pair, I got a bit adventurous and added some beads to the outer picots, which added some weight to the earrings. For these, I used Lizbeth 20 colour #658 Lt Ocean Turquoise. For the black pair, I went a bit bead crazy, and added beads between the rings as well as to the chains. I used Lizbeth 20 #604 thread. I will probably stiffen them then add the findings. I will probably make another pair of a different design.

That's it for now. As I mentioned last time, I test tatted a couple of snowflakes for Frivole. Once I got one of her techniques down pat, I find the snowflakes kinda addictive. It probably doesn't help that I can manage to tat a snowflake in a single evening. That usually doesn't happen. I'm currently on a crochet kick right now making a couple quick scarves to use as Christmas gifts. Till next time.


  1. Good that someone uses the pattern on the back of the packet! I like the beaded one best, I like the way the middle beads make their own little flower.

  2. Lovely earrings, I hope your mum loves them,
    Sounds cold where you are. Hope you don't get too much snow this year

  3. Lovely little earrings! That jelly bean pattern is a quick and easy tat. I hadn't thought of adding earrings, but I bet it gives just the right amount of weight to them.

  4. I have to say I was not too impressed with the pattern on the back of the shuttles, but seeing it made up, beginning to change my mind and used as earrings even better.

  5. Can you help? I have the pattern but don't understand a symbol - it shows a green pentagram in several spots sort of outlining the centers. Does this symbol have a meaning? Thanks and I admire your samples.

    1. Hi,

      Hopefully you see this. The green pentagon is a shared picot. You would make a picot on the first ring, then the other four rings join to it. Hope that helps.