Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Motif From Japanese Book

I'm still here. I was in pain for most of last weekend, though I was feeling better by Monday. I was also happy (I know, I shouldn't be) to hear that I wasn't the only one who slipped going in to work that day. I guess our store manager slipped and fell too, among others. Anyway, it snowed again Friday night and during Saturday. So we got anther 6-8 inches of snow. It's supposed to warm up again by the end of the week. Anyway I want to make this short.

I managed to tat a motif from the new Japanese book I recently bought. And, I tatted it with the new HDT I got from Jess.

I assume it has a name but I can't read it. I guess it's pattern 7 from page 53 from the book Tatting Lace by Sumi Fujishige. It's tatted with Jess' Blue Ridge HDT in size 20. It measures about 3.5 inches is diameter. I guess this is more of a glass mat/coaster. This is also the centre of two other doilies in the book. Though I don't know if I'm going to continue in that direction. I'm sure if I could read the book, I could figure out a better way of doing it, but I had to unwind both shuttles in order to overlap the chains in the second round. I did that 12 times. Not fun. I forgot to mention it earlier, but I was using bobbin shuttles to tat this. The bobbins didn't fit through the space.

That's about it for now. I am working on another motif from the same book, which I hope to share soon. It's going MUCH faster than the above motif. I'm also crocheting a shawl for my mom. It'll probably be part of her Christmas gift this year. I also received my Palmetto's Tat Days Pattern CD-I ordered it as soon as they became available. And I've also ordered a few of those new Aerlit shuttles. You'll have to guess which colour(s) I ordered. Till next time.


  1. wow, unwinding that many times?
    that is a pretty matt tho.
    I would have to think on it a bit to try and figure something else out, but not at this time of night.
    glad you are feeling better. stay safe.

  2. This is the pattern I also tatted Jeff. It is somewhere on my blog. In fact I preferred the mat at this stage and wasn't happy with the completed doily as it did not lie flat. I also cheated and removed the bobbin from the shuttle and managed to slip it through the space so saving unwinding all the time.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  3. I hope you soon feel better, we have already had a snow fall here in Somerset a couple of weekends ago, they said it a freak storm that drifted over Somerset, the rest of the UK went without, lasted a couple of days in all. Hope your snow fall disappears and you can get back to normal.
    Gorgeous mat and beautiful thread, well done

  4. That is a great motif, but I can see how it would be annoying to make. I can think of three ideas that might make it easier.

    1. Like Sally said, use bobbin shuttles and just pop the bobbins out.

    2. Use those long, narrow post shuttles designed for Celtic tatting; they might pass through the space.

    3. I'm not sure if this would work without trying it, but I'll offer it as a suggestion. You could try making the clovers backwards. In other words, don't join the first ring you tat; instead tat the first two rings, then when you get to the third one twist the whole clover around so that the last ring you tat is the one that joins to the previous clover. Just make sure when you do that join that both threads are going to come out on the correct side. I think this would work, but again, I'd have to try it to be sure.

  5. Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

    I should have mentioned that I was using bobbin shuttles. I almost never use post shuttles. The bobbins didn't fit, otherwise it wouldn't have been so bad.

    I don't have any of the Celtic style post shuttles. I been meaning to get some, they probably would have worked better.

  6. I’m sure there is a way of doing this with 4 shuttles that is easier, but I am not going to try with my dyslexic brain to sort it out while I make this comment!

    You might think about it might make instant sense to you...

    Lovely motif.
    Fox : )

  7. Wow, your work is gorgeous. I love the colors in this thread.

  8. I had a go at converting the pattern name into romanji - it came out as "puchidoiri" which you would say like "puchi do iri"

    I used this wikipedia page to find the symbols so that I could paste them into http://www.romaji.org/

  9. I've made this motif. You don't need to unwind if the bobbin doesn't fit. Just keep the working thread on the side you need the chain to be, it end up a bit woven within the tatting, but if you keep it short enough it wont tangle. Its a hassle to get used to but its definatly better than unwiding.