Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spinning Wheel Doily Complete and New Book

Oy, is it hot out. Actually, compared to some of you, the temperatures we've been experiencing are that bad-we've been in the low 30s so far this week. We did have a Humidex warning of about 45 yesterday. I haven't felt like tatting this week. I finished the doily Sunday afternoon, but I haven't done any tatting since.

Like I said, I finished tatting the Spinning Wheels doily. I haven't blocked it yet.

I still need to hide the remaining ends-there's only two! I tatted over the ends whenever I had to add thread or reattach thread, and they need to be clipped. It'll look a heck of a lot better once it's blocked, but I think I'll wait until I give it away. I am thinking of giving it to my mom for her birthday, but that's in the fall and it may need to be blocked again by then. And again, this pattern is from Mary Konior's Tatting With Visual Patterns (a Mary K. book that's still readily available, but seems to have gone up in price). I used Lizbeth size 20 thread in colour #117 Country Side. It measures about 10 1/2 inches in diameter and was made using a 6 inch doily centre. And while there is no photo evidence (I wouldn't allow it!), I screwed up when joining the final repeat to the first repeat-don't ask. Just something to keep in mind if anyone else attempts the pattern.

Finally, my new book arrived. I'm sure many of you can guess what book that may be-I think many of you already have the book.

Like a lot of people, I bought the book for the peacock pattern on the cover. There's actually a lot of really cool patterns. I didn't know that there were two peacock patterns. I hope to try them both. However, I think I'll start with simpler patterns until I learn the writing style and notation. This is actually my first foreign language tatting book. I'm kinda disappointed that I don't understand most of what is written in the book. I've tried using an app on my smartphone to do some translation; it's tedious when it works, and it often doesn't work. Hopefully, when (and if!) it cools down, and I feel like tatting, I'll have something to show soon.

That's about it for now. Like I said above, hopefully some tatting will materialize if the weather cools down. Thanks to a few recent sales, I ordered some more rings, so I may do some chainmaille instead. Till next time.


  1. Gorgeous doily! Just gorgeous!

  2. very nice doily. and good luck with your new book.

  3. Beautiful doily, lovely colour.

    I have also got this lovely book, but have not try anything yet in it, If you want some cool weather I will swap you some here in the uk it's only around 12 to 14 c we would love some heat, all we are getting is rain, rain and more rain, we might even float over the pond to you.

  4. Your doily looks great! I've made mistakes with that last repeat also, and I've lost count of how many Spinning Wheels I've tatted... you're not alone! I also need to try something from that book. I agree... start with something simple.

  5. Nice work, Jeff!

    I too started on some of the simpler patterns and they have all turned out well. I really like the book for there is a lot in it from the simple to the challenging. Good value!
    Fox : )