Saturday, February 4, 2012

TIAS 2012, Day 9

I managed to tat Day 9 last night, though I joined the last ring to the wrong set of rings. Twice! I had to fix it this morning before emailing Jane.

That is why you may see some fluffy ends near the eye. Speaking of the eye, it appears that I am tatting a Demon Goat. Since I didn't know what the beads would be used for, I though the red bead, which is Red Bamboo Coral, would work. Oh well, I'll have to tat him again with more appropriate colours once we are done. It looks like it definitely will be a goat. Can't wait to see it when it is finished. Till next time; I have to get ready for work.


  1. Think your demon goat is great! The eye just makes it!

  2. No, for a real Demon Goat, you would incorporate one of your LED lights into the eye!

    I think most of us chose very ungoaty colors, so yours fits in perfectly well with the flock. Exotic breeds, that's what they all are.

  3. I don't know about demon goat, the camera gave him/her red eyes.
    Miranda you are correct, can you imagine with colors of yarn we could get of this herd of goats? amazing technicolor yarns.

  4. Your tatting is well done, Jeff. I can't wait to try another one and make it a bit tighter. I've got some Lizbeth Root Beer coming. That might be nice.