Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cintamani Snowflake: The Next Snowflake

Well, I seem to have disappeared again. At least I have some tatting to show. I've got nothing really new to report since my last post. It snowed here last Sunday. I locked myself out of my truck last Sunday as well-don't ask. The snow started to melt later on in the week. We got a bit more snow last night. I can't use four wheel drive right now since I had to change a tire before it snowed and my spare is a little smaller than the other tire. I really have to get my other tire fixed. Sales have slowed down in my Etsy shop, which gives me more tatting time. I don't expect too many sales for the Christmas season; I haven't seen a huge increase in sales during this time in previous years.

Before I get to the tatting, I do want to clarify something that I mentioned a few post ago. This is regarding tatting with damp hands being a cause for the thread to break. I should say that the thread probably won't snap just because it is damp. As others have mentioned, tatting with damp thread is a littler tougher since the thread sticks and just wants to be difficult. I don't know about the rest of you, but when a ring won't close, I pull harder. When I pull harder, the thread will probably break. I have found, lately, that if I can't close a ring I set it aside for 20-30 minutes. I seem to be able to close the ring much easier. I don't know why.

I promised another tatted snowflake, so here it is:

This is Cintamani, the 5th snowflake from Jon's new book. I tatted this in Lizbeth size 40 thread in colour #166 Pink Cocoa. I still don't know why I bought this thread. It looks so feminine. It looks so delicious. So decadent. So ........, um, I don't know why but I suddenly crave chocolate and raspberries.

Finally, due to a recent post by Fox about adding a tatted edging on a jacket, I have decided I want to try tatting an edging onto a t-shirt for my mom. I haven't decided on a pattern yet, but I do have the shirt and what I think will be a good thread to use.

I haven't done this before, so if anyone whats to comment with some hints, I'd greatly appreiciate it. The shirt has a bit of stretch in it; hopefully that won't be an issue. At this time, I only plan on adding an edging to the sleeves, but we'll see how quickly this comes together. I'll definitely provide updates on this project. I may need to change the thread if needed (it's Lizbeth 20 in colour #129, Purple Splendor). I'll start working on this as soon as I'm done the snowflake I'm working on right now.

That's it for now. Hopefully I can post again soon. Till next time.


  1. Your snowflake is beautiful! Would you like to adopt me as your mom for a while? None of my daughters tat, so I'm sure I won't see tatted edgings on a t-shirt unless I do it myself!

  2. very pretty snowflake Jeff. the thread looks good with the t-shirt. I would think that putting the edging on the shirt so none of it hangs off the edge would be good. you will have to stitch (tack) down every picot, so you might want to look for an edging that isn't to "lacy" with lots of picots. as for stretch, if you tat the edging a bit long and stretch the material just a hair as you attach the edging, it should have some give to it.

  3. Lovely snowflake, Jeff. very pretty.

    Ladytats 's advice seems good to me.
    I might add that the simpler the edging is on an item that will be washed a lot is best. Also, I used #10 thread on the jacket (not washed a lot) and it holds the shape well. If the t-shirt is not too lightweight, I would definitely go with a thicker thread and a design that is lacking in picots.
    Have fun!
    Fox : )

  4. Jeff, I have used both thick (#30 thread) and finner (#80 thread) for edgings on t-shirts. Mine were all done around the neck - just didn't think about doing the sleeves. For your first one, I would suggest a simple pattern with not too many picots. I used a matching sewing thread to attach it to the shirt. Mine were regular t-shirts (which have a bit of a "give" to the material). I didn't pull the tatting taunt when I placed it on the neck edge, I just layed it down, pinned it in place and tacked each picot on both outside edges of the tatting. I did not tack down any of the picots that were in the middle of the design. (On the ones with a wider design, I did tack it through the middle every now and then.) As for the stretch, if the shirt is not a tight fitting, then I wouldn't be too concerned about the edging for the sleeve as that probably won't be stretched when your Mom puts it on or takes it off.
    All mine have gone through the washer and dryer many, many times and look as nice now as when I first tatted them. I'm sure yours will turn out great and your Mom will be very happy with her new shirt!

  5. The Cintamani looks really nice - love the pink cocoa!

    Sorry I can't offer my two bits on tatting and edging shirts as I have never done one... but I can say that I'm sure yours will turn out fine and your mom will love it!

    What I DID do though was lock myself out of the car (also).. though I remembered that I didn't lock the trunk so I was able to crawl through to the back seat to unlock a door. That was the same day I had misplaced my keys; twice.

  6. Jeff ~ your snowflake that you made is amazing. I love the color that you picked. I just got my thread in the mail I guess I will have to break it open and give it a try myself. Keep up the great work it's amazing!

  7. Gorgeous snowflake, yes raspberrys and chocolate yummy.

    If you are sure about the colour do a test tat before you finally decide which colour to use. If the material stretches, then stretch the fabric a bit as you sew on the tatting that way if it stretches you have a little more to move with the fabric.


  8. I look forward to seeing your tatted T. I haven't added tatting to clothing before, so I'll be watching with interest.
    That's a nice snowflake! I like the colors, too, though it reminds me of those chocolate covered cranberries I have in the kitchen drawer.......oh, umm, bye.

  9. I know what you mean about having difficulty closing a ring when your hands are damp. I believe it is because the fibers absorb water and swell causing the thread to become to thick to slide through the knots. This happens to me a lot in the summer humidity.
    I do what you do but I also use thread heaven, it makes the thread slide through and I think it keeps it from absorbing moisture.

  10. wonderful tating and beautiful color!

  11. Another beautifullly tatted snowflake. That shade is very interesting, I may have to give it a try too!