Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Final Black Magic Bookmark and Random Orchid Photos

Sorry for the delay in posting. Actually, I'm doing this on purpose. I had meant to post over the weekend, but since I am going away for a few days, and won't be posting till I get back, I thought I'd wait a few extra days. I've done a little tatting lately. Mostly finishing on a bookmark I started  over a month ago. I started tatting another bookmark, different pattern. And I've been tinkering in designing, but I'm not ready to show anything from that. You're not missing much!

I've got my hoodie on hold for now. I had hoped on more input on colour choice for the ribbing, see previous post for details. I'm going to look for a darker grey colour before deciding for sure.

As I mentioned, I finished a bookmark I started some time ago. It's another one of Mary Konior's Black Magic bookmarks. This time I kept the colour simple, and made the bookmark, black!

I also decided to end the bookmark in a more finished manner. While trying not to, I basically did what Miranda did with her bookmark. It became apparent that I should have started the bookmark with a chain instead of the large central ring as I had to do a split chain (that wasn't split) for the final chain joining to the central ring. I could then tat the end chain as a split chain as normal. I continued with a lock stitch chain with a few split rings that mimicked the central rings. I finished with a round motif based off of the Black Magic pattern. While I liked the fan that Miranda ended with, I felt the round motif was more manly. The bookmark was done with Lizbeth size 20 thread (I didn't have size 40 then, I do now) in black, colour #604.

Finally I'll end this post with a couple of photos of one of my Phalaenopsis orchids. It's doing something funny. Well, maybe not funny, but unexpected. And I don't know why.

The first photo was taken when I first found the plant(s) about a month ago. The second photo was taken a week or so ago. My understanding is that these plants aren't supposed to form offsets in this fashion. The only time, that I have found, that a Phal should do this is in the event the the growth point is damaged, perhaps from rot or something. Phals belong to a family of orchids which are known as Monopodial orchids. That means that they have only one growing point and generally grow as a single upright stem. From what I can tell, the main plant seems healthy and is currently growing a new leaf. The offset is growing roots (you can't see them, but they are there), so once it's big enough I'll separate it off. I don't what it sucking too much energy from the parent plant, and it could break off, fall off by itself. In case you're wondering the plant is called Doritaenopsis Long Pride Fancy 'MP0653' which you can see here.

That's it for now. I should be getting ready to leave tomorrow, so I gotta go. Hopefully I'll post early next week. Till next time.


  1. I think this black version is my favorite in this pattern, it really shows it off to me. good job. Enjoy your trip and be careful :)

  2. Lovely bookmark, and I love the way you finished it off.
    Your Orchid is doing something I have never seen before, but I think its going to be Ok and not going to die on you.

    Have a lovely trip and enjoy yourself.

  3. Very nice job on the bookmark tail. I must confess that I cut and tied before starting my tail; my split chain technique is OK but not great, so with that much split chaining to do cutting and tying was actually the easier option for me. Your split chains look great. I actually wanted to do a full circle at the end, but couldn't find a way to do it without cutting and tying yet again, so I went with the fan motif and acted like that was what I wanted all along.

    If only more people knew how easy it is to make a nice tatted bookmark tail!

  4. Hi Jeff, I love your bookmark. I have this book but have yet to try this pattern.... It is lovely!
    About the Phal. Don't worry too much about the little plant sucking strength from the parent plant. Your Doritaenopsis is a cross between Phalaenopsis and a Doritis and while it is true that a Phalaenopsis does not usually produce offsets the Doritis can produce offsets quite freely. I have a Doritis pulchera that has been producing offsets for years and currently has a clump of 5. Occasionally one will break off and I just pot it up and give it to a friend. :) Happy tatting & growing!


  5. black tatting are very nice !

  6. Somehow I missed this post - but I've been missing a lot of posts lately everywhere. The bookmark in black is really stunning. And yes, black is so hard to work with. Good lighting and a white cloth in your lap but it's still hard to see the individual stitches. Saw your next post too...everyone needs a little break now and then - but it's good to see you back!