Monday, June 20, 2011

More Black Magic and an Unexpected Flower

Not one of my most creative titles, but it gets the job done. Nothing spectacular to report since my last post. If you haven't heard (and if you don't live in Canada, you probably haven't), Canada Post is currently on full strike/lockout since last Tuesday. No mail is moving within the country. And nothing is leaving or entering the country either. It really sucks, to put it bluntly. I'm getting mail envy watching some of you show off  what you've received in the mail. Not only do I have a couple packages sitting in some warehouse or something, the order I mentioned last time is also sitting in some warehouse too. I also have an order I can't ship right now, though I might stop at UPS or FedEx tommorow to see what they can do for me (though I'm not hopeful that they will be affordable-I tried their websites and wasn't impressed). I have still been tatting, so we'll move on to that.

As the title suggests, I am continuing with Mary Konior's Black Magic pattern. Again in the form of a bookmark:

I figured I'd try this with different thread types. Since I used solids the last time, I thought I'd try a variegated thread this time. I didn't really like it at first, but it has grown on me by the time it was finished. I do hope one of you like it. That brings me to why I am making them. I am planning on a giveaway, though I'm going to wait until the whole Canada Post thing is resolved before I announce anything. So stay tuned. Thread stats: Lizbeth size 40, Colour #100 Falling Leaves. The next bookmark is going to be tatted using two solids, or maybe a solid and a variegated thread. Well see.

Finally, I thought I show you an unexpected flower that has made an appearance. In my aquarium:

This flower is from one of my Anubias plants; I'm not sure which one. I have had an Anubias flower before (see here), but it is pretty rare though, for me anyway. I am quite pleased though, as it might mean that conditions in the aquarium are better than I think they are (I really need to do some work in the tank, cleaning, etc.). Of course it could mean that the plant is planning on dying and the flower is a last ditch attempt at survival. But we'll pretend that that can't happen, OK?

That's about it for now. I plan on working on the last Black Magic bookmark, hopefully work won't get in the way this week. We had one guy quit in my department last week, and I've been working extra to help pick up the slack. I'm not complaining; it is extra cash in my pocket which will be helpful once Canada Post is running again. Till next time.


  1. I'm no expert, but that doesn't look like a dying plant to me.

    Funny, I was just contemplating how that pattern might look in a variegated thread. It's nice. I think the thread and pattern complement each other.

  2. The plant probably isn't dying, I just had to throw that option out there.

    I'm glad you like the way the bookmark looks. I wasn't sure how it would turn out.

  3. I love the fiery thread used with that pattern. It's so nice.

    Aquariums are such foreign things to me (and most desert dwellers), so it's interesting to see your pictures! (:

  4. Lovely bookmark, I love this thread I was sent some by Fox and I am planning on buying some when I need to re-order some more threads.
    Your flower looks lovely I have not seen one of those before so I dont know anything about it. I post my orchid on my blog but my husband knocked it over last week and knocked off some petals, Looking forward to seeing some bookmarks.
    I hope your postal strike gets sorted, we have a lot of strikes coming up in the UK and they are talking about a national general strike.

  5. Jeff, the bookmark looks amazing in that thread! I would not have thought so, but my judgement was really off-course on this one!
    Fox : )

  6. The day before the lockout, I received my Lizbeth order, one of which is falling leaves. Now I know how nice it'll look! I love Mary's 'Black Magic' and your bookmark looks great!