Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Bookmark Design, Continued

I've pretty much worked on nothing else but my new bookmark design since the last post. It does seem like it may be a new design, since no one has said otherwise. I have the pattern written out, but it will have to wait a little longer before I post it. I want to include a nice diagram as well; it can be confusing to work at times. And again, please let me know if you have seen something like this before.

Since my last post I worked on refining the pattern, taking some of the awesome suggestions that were made in the comments. Here are the results of three different refinements:
I personally like the one on the left, so I may make that one into a variation of the pattern. I don't like the other two, but it may be just me. Made using Lizbeth size 20 thread in #684.

I did try the option to "continue the wave" as suggested in the comments. Here is my first attempt:

As you can probably tell, I modified the right side a little after tatting the left. I like the right side better. The bookmark still pinches a bit at the ends, so I still need to correct that. Maybe. As you can see, I opted to make a "stubby" version of the bookmark with this attempt. I didn't want to waste more thread than necessary, and it was faster to tat. I also added a tassel (another excellent suggestion) to this one. I like the way it looks. Made using Lizbeth size 20 thread in #611.

Finally, I did a couple more refinements of the stitch counts of the ends. Here is the result of these modifications:
I'm not sure you can tell but the two chains on the right end are a couple stitches longer than those on the left side. I was experimenting. So what do you think? I like it this way but I want other opinions. Made using Flora 20 in #221. Oh, I know she hasn't mentioned it on her blog, but Martha took a stab at redesigning the ends of the bookmark as well. Her result was very similar to my own. I was impressed how we each came up with nearly the same modifications. I hope she doesn't mind that I mentioned this. Oh, before I forget, doesn't this stubby bookmark look like it could make a fantastic rectangular motif to make a doily or tablecloth? I may need to pursue that idea too.

That's it for now. With any luck, I will have the pattern available very soon. I'm still not sure exactly how I will share the pattern. I know many tatters have shared patterns on their blogs, but I don't know if that is how I will. I like the option of an easy to print PDF file, but I would need a place to host it. Any suggestions? Till next time.


  1. I like the bottom one best- the ends look like they're really part of the design, rather than something just stuck on.

    I think you should play around some more with the things you tried in the top photo. The one on the left looks like a potential Christmas tree. The one in the middle, if you forget the wave part and repeat the "end" 5 times, could become a star. The one on the right could be turned into a ghost for Halloween. Isn't it interesting how one design can lead you into completely different things that you never intended?

  2. I also like the bottom one as well and yes a tablecloth would be nice in that design as well! And the green one on the left is the one I like as well!

  3. I like seeing the different ideas that you've used. The bottom bookmark looks great! I only see one thing I would like changed... could you make one in blue? ; )

  4. Well, call me crazy, but I like the top one, left end - only I would bulk up the corner bits to anchor the design.

    Watching the piece develop is a lot of fun - and a lot of work for you, but it is a good solid design, and you are making such good progress!

    Fox : )

  5. I'm with fox and I like the way that the tassel end of the yellow bookmark looks. Do both ends have to be the same? That's the hell of designing...there's so many possibilities. Love the style!

  6. I actually like the yellow one best with the smaller ends. The other one is too rectangular.

  7. I like the green on the left and I love the Yellow bookmark with that gorgeous tassel...I agree that the red one would make a lovely tablecloth........thanks for sharing
    Joy in OZ