Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Tatted Tie, Part 1-The Need For Advice

This will be the first of several posts related to my Tatted Tie. As I mentioned in my last post, I had to modify my original idea in order to make the idea work. Here is the first attempt:

As you can see, the basic idea was for me to tat four groups of four rings. The bottom four rings on each group of 16 could be made a little larger than the others to allow me to widen the tie. The next group of four motifs, I'm calling a "Tie Unit" could then be made larger (using the same stitch count as the last four rings on the previous tie unit, with the exception of the bottom four rings). This could be continued until the tie was the length I wanted. I'm sure some of you might notice an obvious flaw with this idea. By the time I got to the bottom of the tie, the rings are going to be huge. Another problem is the thread itself. I used a size 3 "fashion crochet" thread to make this sample. I didn't like tatting with it. It is a 2-ply thread from what I can tell, and it is soft. It's also too thick for my tatting tastes. What you see above was made with two Aero bobbins worth of thread, which I think was about 4 yards between the two shuttles. This version was scraped and I modified the drawing I made.

The result of the redesign was this, Tatted Tie, Mark 2:

The Mark 2 is similar to the Mark 1 with a few exceptions. Each Tie Unit now varies in size as work progresses, and the rings stay the same size. The tie is widened by simply adding the equavalent of one motif to each row of the Tie Unit. I'm not sure how often I will need to widen the Tie Units in order to make the tie the correct width. I have a hunch some math will need to get involved. Depending on how many increases will be needed, I may be able to increase the width every 6 or 8 rows. We'll see. I used some size 10 crochet thread for the Mark 2 tie. I used about 8 yards of thread between the two shuttles. And no, I don't plan on using a variegated thread for the tie. In case you're wondering, both versions of the Tatted Tie were completed tatted using regular and split rings and each was tatted continously. Oh, and when the tie is finished, I plan on outlining the tie with chains to finish it off.

Now for my need of advice. I need help with the choice of thread. I think I'm going to stick with size 10 thread. It is the best compromise. Anything larger than 10 and I don't like tatting with it, and size 20 and smaller would take forever to tat. I know that 6-cord thread is generally the best choice for most tatting. Would it be good here? I was thinking buying a few balls of Lizbeth size 10 for the tie, but I have heard that some people don't like how stiff the thread is in this size. I haven't used a 6-cord size 10 thread before so I can't comment. Another thing I'd like your opinion on is colour choices. I really don't think I'm going to take more than one (or two) ties. I would like the tie work with as many other colours as possible. What would you recommend? Black? White? Dark Blue??? I'm open to two colour ideas as well.

That's all for now. I am going to have to get ready for bed soon. I have training tomorrow at 8 am at our chain's second location. Which is located on the other side of the city. Which is going to be fun getting there since Construction Season is in full swing here, and I know there are detours galore over there. Wish me luck. Till next time.

PS: I changed my blog layout today. I hope you like it. If there are any problems, or you don't like something, please let me know.


  1. Hi there, Jeff,

    I do not like #10 myself, but I had to use it several times in the T.A.T. courses.

    The one I liked best, for what it's worth. was the Flora. It had good colours and was softer than the Lizbeth.

    Oh, I forgot about Cébélia. Soft, 3 cord and I like it! Not as many colours as Flora, but cheaper.
    Good luck with the tie!
    Fox : )

  2. Thanks Fox. I don't like using size 10 thread either, but it's really no contest with this project. Thanks for your suggestions. I haven't used size 10 Flora, but I really like the size 20. The Cebelia is a good option. I'll see what others say before deciding.

  3. I haven't worked much with size 10, and it's been a while. I like Hakelgarn, but I'm not sure it's still available. For color... how can you beat dark blue? ; )

  4. I never tat with size 10, so I can't help you there. For the color, just look in your closet and see what colors show up most in the suits and shirts that you're likely to wear the tie with. If that doesn't help, the I agree with Diane that dark blue is an excellent choice. It looks good with just about any other color, and is appropriate for almost any occasion.

  5. Size 10 is challenging because you can see slight imperfections that wouldn't otherwise show up. I think Diane is right and dark blue is a good option. What color of shirts do you usually wear?

  6. My favorite size 10 thread is Manuela. I did a little searching and found that they have a variegated color called Leinen that I think might work well if you wish to consider a lighter color. Do you tend to favor dark or light colored ties, prints or solids. A variegated would give the illusion of a print pattern. I saw the Leinen color at Kathy Kirchner's Lace Supplies website.

  7. I think you might want to go with a varigated so it gives you more color. I don't think I would use a dark blue, I would use something that will compliement the blue. I really like your Mark 2, That would flow nicely with or without the jacket. I agree with you, I think the size 10 would me a good size to use. I think that I have a ball of Cebalia, and I didn't care for it, it seemed to "stick" to itself, and not allow me to close rings.

    Good luck, I can't wait to see how your project comes out.

  8. I work mostly with size 10, but I am needle tatter, and this is best size for me. My absolutely favorite is DMC pearl size 5 and it comes in many colors, but it might be little too soft for a tie. Another choice of mine would be Cebelia in size 10 which is firmer than Pearl DMC but softer than Lizbeth. But again, I do needle, shuttle might need different requirements. Kudos for the great idea :)

  9. Thanks Agasunset. That's the kind of info I was looking for. I should be getting some samples of different size 10 threads to try myself, but it's nice to hear what others think. Cebelia size 10 is probably what I will use, but I need to buy a ball first to see. Thanks again.