Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Pendant

This is going to be a quick post. Sorry for the long delay between posts. Lots going on, just not tatting related.

Some of you may remember the "Rose Garden" motif from Mary Konior's book Tatting in Lace that I made in white thread. If not, here is a refresher photo:

Here it is in all it's colourless glory. I thought it would look good in two (or more) colours. So that's what I tried. Here is the result:

All I can say is, Wow! I think it looks much better done in multiple colours. The purple thread I used for the rose is Purple Punch size 20 HDT by Yarnplayer and the green is Lizbeth size 20 in colour #684. I wanted to use HDT for the green as well, but all the green I had was in size 30 & 50 and most of the colours suitable for the rose were in size 20. The only colourway suitable for the rose in size 50 was still in skein form (I know, the horrors; actually I have quite a bit HDT in skein form since I never seem to have the time to wind it onto floss cards-I am working on it, I swear!). I was going to make this motif into a brooch, but I didn't have any proper brooch backs and I couldn't find any safety pins, so I attached a split ring to it to make a pendant. My mom loved it!

I was able to give my mom her Rose Garden pendant, as well as a chainmaille pendant, photo later, and a pair of teal anodized titanium earrings, that I showed earlier, today. My parents had to come to the city today, so I spent most of the day with them. It was nice.

That's all for now. I really, really, hope to post again, maybe mid-week. I do hope to get a substantial amount of tatting done. But, as always, we'll see. Till next time.

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers out there!


  1. Amazing the difference a little color can make!

  2. Both are very pretty, but the colored version is much more dramatic! I love your color choices!

  3. Love the color version! I have only one of Mary Konior's books (although delighted to have it - Visual Patterns), but wish I had the other three! I think she'd be delighted to see how the HDTs and variegated threads can enhance the patterns that she and others designed.

    Also, thanks for indicating back in January how to 'retrieve' the Celtic bookmark by LaRae Mikulecky. I'm hoping other 'lost' patterns can be retrieved as easily.

  4. the difference is amazing, both nice but the coloured one zings!

  5. Really nicely tatted and the design is great..I like the white one....I bet your mum was pleased.....thanks for sharing

  6. I never get tired of seeing your work! Just stunning!

  7. Both look nice but the one in color - Wow! Very, very lovely!