Monday, April 6, 2009

International Tatting Day Tatting (Yeah, I know...)

I probably should have posted this on International Tatting Day, but I didn't. I'm glad to see that so many tatting bloggers posted about how they spent International Tatting Day. I, of course, was one of the poor tatters who had to spend ITD working. However, I did get some tatting done. Of course, chocolate was involved. I decided to use some of the Valdani pearl cotton I purchased on my birthday, to make, of all things, one of Diane's favourite patterns. At least, I think it's one of her favourites; she's only made, like, a million* of them.

Do I really need to tell you what this will become? I'm sure Diane knows. OK, in this state it may not be obvious. This is the start of Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat. The thread is Valdani Pearl cotton size 12, colour #M13. I wasn't sure about this colour at first, but I noticed while working with it that the colours blend together forming intermediate colours, which I like the effect of. I'll show the final result once I'm done. I just wanted to show that I have been tatting.

I also received my final thread sample from the thread exchange I blogged about a few posted ago. This is from Beverly E, of WA, USA. She sent two samples of a very nice looking rayon thread called Lola.

I can't wait to try this thread. It is a thicker thread, but I'm sure it will tat up beautifully. Thank you Beverly.

And finally, I still plan on posting a bunch of photos of my currently in bloom orchids. I have been waiting for another one of my Ladyslipper orchids to open its flower, but it wasn't meant to be. I come home yesterday to find that it had dropped its unopened bud. The wake will be held tomorrow. On a positive side, my hibiscus started flowering, and I awoke to an absolutely gorgeous flower this morning. So, I guess it's not a total loss. Until next time.

* number exaggerated. I lost count on how many Spinning Wheels she has made.


  1. i think the effect will be interesting, jeff. can't wait to see it.

  2. Chuckle. Chuckle. I recognized it right away! You are correct, Jeff! It is one of my favorite patterns! I've even lost count of how many I've made!

    Can't wait to see pictures of those orchids!

  3. Isn't this a wonderful time of year with a lot of orchid varieties coming into bloom. Please hurry and show the pictures before it is to late. I love the way the colours are showing in your tatting.

  4. Looks like you have been busy. Happy Belated International Tatting Day to you, too. I am also one of those "poor tatters" that had to work on Tatting Day, too! LOL! How else will I pay for the "habit"!?

  5. You know -- this much of the Spinning wheel glass mat would make an outstanding butterfly wing -- or bird wing -- or angel wing. Anyway, as you have it pictured it looks like a wing to me. It's a very pretty wing, and I'm certain the whole mat is going to be really outstanding. The colors are great.