Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Snowflake Round Robin and Wooden Boxes

I think I mentioned earlier that I joined the Snowflake Round Robin that Sharon B. is running. Our first snowflakes have been made and sent, and a few lucky people have already received theirs. I know these things because I'm the Group Coordinator. Anyway, since I haven't received mine yet, I'll show you what I made for my first partner:

This is, again, Ruth Perry's Celtic Snowflake 2008. This time, I made the snowflake in DMC Cordonnet size 50 combined with Guttermann's Metallic Thread. This is the same thread I mentioned in a previous post. This combination works out to be equivalent to a size 30 thread. It is about 4 inches in diameter. The colours of the metallic thread really comes out in a larger sized piece of lace. I love this thread! I'm going to count this as motif #10 of my Second 25 Motif Challenge.

Inspired by Diane's recent find at Michaels, I decided to get one myself.

Yup. It's one of those Photo Treasure Boxes. I'm pretty sure it is slightly different from the one Diane found. But I guess that is to be expected; I'm sure each Michaels store has a slightly different inventory. I figured that the box would make a nice shuttle box to hold my small but growing shuttle collection. It is a little small for this purpose, at least for the way I envision it to be. You be the judge:

It only holds maybe 4-6 shuttles, depending on the size. Not to worry (I'm sure none of you will, but bear with me), while I was at Michaels I saw another box that looked suitable. I went back a few days later, armed with a 50% off coupon, and purchased the box. Here it is:

Michaels calls it a "Cigar Box", but to me it was screaming "Shuttle Box"! The approximate outer dimensions are as follows: 8 1/2" x 8 1/4" x 1 3/4". I think it will be very suitable. See for yourself:

See. I told you. Now, I need to finish the box to make it work. I was thinking of painting the box. What colour you ask? I was thinking of a nice glossy bl.................. black! What were you thinking? After it is painted, I will line the bottom with black felt. Finally, to hold the shuttles in place, I'll add some loops of elastic. This will probably wait for a while. I have a few crocheted gifts to make, and of course snowflakes for the Snowflake RR. That's all for now.
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  1. How AWESOME Jeff! Now this post is making me really sad that I am not home...I wish there was a Michael's here. I would definately go and get one of those cigar...ahem....shuttle boxes!

  2. I'm glad you found the boxes, Jeff. The small one you bought is the one I wanted for my grandson. Of course, they were out of them when I went back. I did find one that hinges to the left instead of the back, which will work fine for Aidan.

    I saw the shuttle (cigar) boxes, and I thought they would look great in a nice shiny black with red felt lining... sort of a Chinese look! I can't wait to see how yours turn out!

  3. Your snowflake is very pretty!
    The boxes are cool. Happy shuttle boxing! LOL!

  4. Yes Beautiful Snowflake!! I too love the cig,,,shuttle box! Love that idea of the black with red!

    I too wish we had a Michael's close by.

  5. Thanks everyone. Don't be sad Sherry, I'm sure it won't be long till you're able to go to Michaels.

    I saw those as well Diane, the ones with hinges on the left (or right). I never thought of using red felt on the inside. I like the sound of it. Of course, blue would look good on the inside as well.

    Thanks for the compliments Chiclet and Connie. I can't wait to show you how the box turns out. Too bad you don't have a Michaels near by Connie; I don't think I could live without one now.

  6. Love the snowflake, Jeff! I have yet to try the Guttermann's thread, but I may have to venture out to the quilting shop and pick up a spool.