Monday, September 8, 2008

More Dragons! I'm Surrounded!

more animals, picture courtesy of

I couldn't resist this picture, being a dedicated Firefox user. Now back to my regularly scheduled blog post.

I have been working on the second dragon for my mug. Here's a picture of it. The colour is very vivid in the scan.

As I mentioned earlier, I used Omega thread, in size 30. This is the first time I have used Omega thread. I am quite pleased with the thread. Handy Hands says its a 6-cord thread, but I haven't dissected a sample yet to know for sure. I am going to have to buy more Omega thread next time I place an order from Handy Hands.

After making the Omega dragon, I began to arrange the two dragons on the canvas. Of course, after a few minutes, I realized there was too much space left on the canvas. What to do? Naturally, I HAD to make another dragon!

As you can see, this dragon isn't very happy. He seems to resent being made last. I haven't seen anyone make the fire-breathing dragon variation of Anne's dragon, so I had to. This dragon is made with Pamela's HDT called "Coral Reef". I love this colourway! Pamela is fairly new in the HDT trade, but she certainly has a way with colour. I look forward to her future colourways. Back to the dragons.... These are Motifs 3 & 4 in my 2nd 25 Motif Challenge. I hope to sew the dragons onto the canvas tonight. I'll show my progress soon. Then I'd better get back to my doily. That's all for now.


more animals


  1. The firefox photos are soooh funny and apt! I use firefox too.

    Oh my your dragon looks GORGEOUS in my Coral Reef... I must try one too, so glad you like the thread.

    2 new colours for the soon to be opened shop coming soon...I hope!

  2. I love the Firefox humor! I use Safari most of the time, but Firefox is my backup.

    I do like your dragons, especially the one in Coral Reef!

  3. I love the dragons, Jeff. Especially the Coral Reef one who is unhappy! I love this thread. Pamela does a good job, especially to be new. I wanted to make my dragons breath fire, but had no orange thread!

  4. Love the dragons, Jeff. I agree with you Pamela is getting really good with HDT, I have some apple blossom of hers that intend to use soon.

  5. Those are funny firefox photos. Pamela's coral reef is so pretty!

  6. May I say that your insanity becomes you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From one insane tatter to another!!
    X JaneEb

  7. Thanks ladies. Always nice to read your comments. Glad you all like the dragon done in Coral Reef.

    Now Jane; I didn't know my insanity was showing! I guess we insane tatters need to stick together.

  8. That is so cute! I like Firefox too! Your dragons are wonderful!