Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Tatting, Some Photos, and Did I mention I'm a Winner

As usual, it's been a while since I last posted. I finished the "Colonial Afghan". Here is a picture of it:

Thanks to my new camera (see post below), I have gotten a better photo of the afghan. It must the nature of the yarn that is making this afghan so hard to photograph. You should see the zig-zag pattern more clearly now. I think I may have to make another one for my mom. Of course, hers will have to be purple (oh the humanity, purple!).

I have also done some tatting as well. Here is my motif # 22 in the 25 Motif Challenge:

This pattern is called "English Ivy" and was designed by own very own Sharon Briggs. The pattern is in Sharon's book "Transitions in Tatting: From Flat to Floral". I used Yarnplayer's "Celery" HDT in size 30 and DMC Cebelia size 30 in colour number 699. I really like this pattern. I plan on making several more stem of different lengths to make a 3D plant. Due to carelessness of my part, this stem has a mutated leaf. I, um, forgot the short chain between the first and second ring, and didn't notice till I had to make the chain between the last two rings. I didn't want to cut off what I had made, so I left it the way it was. I actually like the "unintentional design variation" that occurred. Nature isn't perfect after all.

As I mentioned in the title of this post, I am a winner. Not once, but twice. First I won Gina B's monthly drawing. I can't wait to see what she makes for me. If you haven't entered her drawing, just go to her blog to find her email address and relevant posts about the drawing. Secondly, I won a $25 gift certificate from my favorite Canadian bead store, BeadFX. I'm very happy with this store, and you can't beat $4.95 ExpressPost shipping for all order under $100 (over $100 are shipped free if you're wondering). Now that I have the endorsement out of the way.....

Finally, last post I showed a picture of a closeup of a plant I have. Here is the plant that it came from:

This plant is called the Cape Sundew (Drosera capensis). This is another one of my carnivorous plants. I also plan of immortalizing this plant in tatting. I'm just not sure when. I have to finish the Venus Fly Tat (I made another leaf type, but still have to write out the pattern) and the Betta. Oh, and by the way, I have also been tagged in the latest round of tagging. If I can think of six unimportant things about myself, I'll post them tomorrow (or maybe later tonight). Until next time.


  1. Nice Job on the afgan, I like the zig zag pattern and the color is so rich. I've never seen this plant before, Cape Sundew (Drosera capensis, it is very interesting. I saw your tatted venus fly trap and thought it was very unique! Great likeness too!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Carol. I really like the zig-zag pattern as well. The colour is even richer in person. I can't get both the colour and the pattern to photograph together well. It's either one or the other. Sundews in general are a very interesting group of plants. I'm glad you liked my VFT. I think realism is an important factor with tatted plants.

  3. You are having a terrific day! Congrats on your winnings. I love the edging! I have the same problem with my camera photographing the darker colors.

  4. Your afghan is beautiful! I love the zig zag pattern, and you never can go wrong with blue! Have fun making it in purple... I'm sure your mom will love it!

    I love the way your edging is turning out. That's one of my favorite patterns from Sharon's book.

    Congratulations on winning Gina's drawing! I can't wait to see what she does for you!

  5. Love both the Afghan and the tatting. Wow, great that you won that certificate - does that mean you'll do some tatting with beads too?

  6. Congratulations on winning the giveaway from Gina and on the bead certificate. How fun! I really like the English Ivy you tatted. Sharon's book sounds really nice. Have fun with your very interesting plant! Glad you could finish the afghan.

  7. Thanks for the kind comments ladies. I'm glad I'm not the only one with photographing problems, Sherry. I agree with you Diane about blue. Everything looks better in blue, well, almost. Actually, Dantatter, my win will mean I'll do more tatting with beads. Sharon's book is really good, Tattingchic. I highly recommend it to all tatters. I'll be sure to show what I get from both giveaways.

  8. When I click on the afghan and get the enlarged version, you can see the zigzag design. I really like it.

    Congrats on the beads!!!

    And I love the motif from Sharon's book. I saw a few things I want to tat from that book myself...one of these days!

    And your prize is ALMOST ready to send out!

    :-) Gina

  9. Thanks for the compliments Gina. Yeah, the zig-zag pattern shows up best in the larger picture. I'm glad you like it.

    Thanks for the congrats as well. I am still surprised I won this drawing as well.

    I have several more designs picked out from Sharon's book that I want to make.

    The suspense is killing me Gina! I can't wait to see what you are/have making/made.